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1. An Introduction To Roofer SEO

In the digital business world of 2021 SEO is a huge part of gaining more roofing leads.

The 9 steps to our roofer SEO strategy include:

  1. An Introduction To Roofer SEO
  2. Roofer SEO: Ranking Blueprint
  3. Main Components of Search Engine Optimization
  4. Keyword Research
  5. Setting Up Your Roofing Website
  6. On-Site SEO
  7. Off-Site SEO
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Choose A Good Roofing SEO Company

Owners of a roofing business have to acknowledge that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work on their website will lead to more customer acquisitions. This is a fact.

In this day and age, the clients search online for roofing specialists and compile potential roofing experts based on what they read, reviews, and website placement in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Your online reputation is a huge deciding factor in whether or not your roofing business will be successful in 2021 and beyond.

With the help of a roofing marketing SEO expert with particular experience in the roofing industry, you can get ahead of the competition and take the lion's share of customers for yourself. One roofing contractor tripled sales in 2 weeks with our help, we can do the same for you.

SEO is a very time-consuming task, but in the end, can be very rewarding indeed. Hiring an SEO roofing agency allows you to get on with your work, let us bring in the clients for you.

The guide below shows you how we do it:

As each year passes SEO for roofers becomes more competitive with more and more roofer websites entering the market, this makes it incredibly important to get started right now.

As time passes more and more roofers will be getting a website, which means to get ahead and get a foothold roofers to need help with SEO. This isn't something that can be done for a few minutes each day, the work needs to be done for many hours every day to get to the top and stay there. Does your roofing business have the staff and know-how to do this? If not, you have come to the right place, we will ensure we get you a great return on your investment in a roofers SEO service.

Don't have a website for your roofing company? No problem, we also cover roofer website design. Everything is done for you from start to finish for just $500.

So why does your roofing business need SEO?

  • Most people that use a search engine (over 70%) are more likely to click on one of the top 5 placed websites. SEO will push your roofing business into the top 5 positions.
  • SEO is not solely about the search engines, it also improves the user's experience on your website. The load time and their quick navigation to get them what they want all helps and lead to increased conversions, and most importantly of all - more customers.
  • Appearing at the top of the search engines through SEO increases your business's trust. Sites get to the top based on many factors, one of those is their reputation through online reviews and recommendations.
  • A huge part of SEO right now comes through social media, potential customers that find you from a search engine will leave a comment about your roofing business on Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other well known social sites.
  • SEO helps to ensure the easy running of a website, it includes easy navigation and customer satisfaction through the introduction of live chat and other apps.
  • SEO will put you ahead of other roofers, an optimized roofing website is more likely to rank higher and get more customers than one that has just been thrown together in a few hours without any thought about SEO.

Digital marketing and roofing lead generation is always changing, however for local SEO for roofers things are considerably easier right now, but as time goes on this will change.

Local roofing businesses need search engine optimization (SEO) and roofing contractor marketing to bring in new clients at a very low price.

The search engine results pages are now just like going through the phone book. When people need a roofer at any time they go online, they do a local search and read the reviews.

As time goes by people are going to use the internet for finding local tradesmen more and more, it is very important that these local businesses take SEO seriously right now.

Without search traffic the future will not be good for your local roofing business, getting started with SEO for roofing companies right now gives you an amazing chance to get ahead early while it is still in its infancy.

Local SEO can yield results really quickly for a roofing website if you do it the right way. That is targeting long-tail keywords that have a low SEO competition score.

We have been consulting on SEO for many years now and have been helping roofing websites grow their traffic considerably. We know the right strategy to get results and to get them quickly.

As a roofing contractor and the owner of a roofing website, you should be looking to know a little about SEO. This will is anything to help you choose a good roofing SEO company, even if you do not decide to do the work yourself.

The major chunk of your website traffic will come as a result of SEO, when finding local businesses over 95% of people use the search engines online. This alone shows you that you are going to gain a lot of new leads for your roofing business through SEO.

As you will discover in our in-depth guide below, it is important to look at the top-ranking sites, you must review their content, their keywords, and their backlinks. A roofing business can improve rankings by doing the following.

It is very much not in a debate that ranking higher on Google will get you more traffic and leads, it is very important for roofing contractors to be involved in SEO.

If you follow our roofing SEO tips then you have a much better chance of ranking higher than your competitors. Without this, you are definitely missing out on leads and sales, the competition is taking them from you.

We are without a doubt the best resource for roofing marketing, every single aspect has been covered here. You just need to take some time to read the guide and put it into action.

We have an in-depth knowledge of roofing marketing and have become the best team to rank roofing websites and get great returns on PPC options. Your roofing website will proper if you put together a marketing strategy just like the one outlined here.

As part of this guide you are going to discover:

  1. What is roofer SEO and why it is so important
  2. An easy way to get traffic from low competition keywords
  3. Best on-site SEO practices
  4. Best way to structure your site for increased sales
  5. How to write content and optimize for a top-ranking
  6. Some technical roofing SEO issues you might come across
  7. How long SEO will take to have an effect on a roofing website
  8. How to track your SEO efforts
  9. Extra Roofing SEO secrets such as fast local SEO listings/traffic

If you read through the whole guide and follow it step-by-step you will know how to do roofing SEO in full. You will know why it is so important and you will get more traffic and sales from your website.

After you have completed the guide you will know the answers to these questions:

  • How do I optimize my website for search engines?
  • How long will SEO take to help my website?
  • How do I know roofing SEO will work for my website?

By getting your content fully optimized roofing SEO will increase your search engine visibility in hours. Your brand exposure will improve and your leads and conversion will go up and up.

You need to know how SEO can get you big results from little effort. But you should always be aware that it is an ongoing process, you must keep on top of this or the competition will take hold of you.

2. Roofing Lead Generation: Ranking Blueprint

The time is now to take your roofing company to the next step through the proper use of SEO on and off your website.

Roofer SEO was developed because we understand the roofing industry intimately. We have been doing SEO for more than 20 years now and have the power to push any website top of the SERPs.

If you are looking to get started ranking your roofing website then you can follow our blueprint step by step guide.

In just 15 to 20 minutes from now, you will understand how to make changes on your website to improve organic rankings, appear in the featured snippet and get to the top of the local 3 pack.

A roofing SEO strategy is an absolute must-have for any roofing business to last going into the future. Other roofing companies are doing the same, they are taking customers from you as you read this.

It is never too late to start, right now is the time to go ahead and get your roofing website top on Google. The traffic is just waiting for you, all you need is a few marketing tricks to get it done. We have covered everything every roofing business needs to succeed in SEO.

Roofer SEO has to be done the right way, if you make mistakes then it is possible you can lose website rankings. Do not worry, we have covered everything you need to know to ensure this does not happen.

Follow our trusted SEO process and your website will definitely climb the rankings. If you want a roofing SEO company to do the work for you then get in touch with us today. Our SEO strategies are the best and are tried and tested, we get results every time, which is why we are ranked top too.

3. Main Components of Search Engine Optimization

There are two parts to SEO, you will need to take care of your on-site SEO and your off-site SEO. When ranking on Google you must take care of both components to see keyword rankings improve.

If you do not add your target keywords to your website pages then you will never show up in the SERPs for them. You must look at your pages, decide which keywords are most relevant to each one, and then optimize them for those selected keywords.

I am going to run you through a step by step guide on how to optimize your roofing pages for your keywords. This will enable your roofing company website to rank in all sections of the Google results pages.

9 Main Steps of Roofer SEO

4. SEO for Roofers: Keyword Research

You need to focus on what you are optimizing your roofing website for, this will be your keywords. You must establish what web surfers are typing into the search engines to find the roofing services that you offer. You can't guess these, you must use a tool to get search volume data to know whether they are worth going for.

This is made very easy if you use the tools listed in our roofer SEO guide, and the good news is that there are many free keyword research tools you can use. You will want your roofing company to appear in the search engines for search phrases like "roofing repair in Winchester".

When selecting the keywords you must take into consideration the search volume, The more people that search for those phrases per month the more leads you will get if you rank higher.

The keywords that you select must also be highly relevant to the services that you offer, you do not want to mislead people. In roofing terms, you will not want to rank for "roofing repair in Manchester" if you do not operate at all in the Manchester area. Stick to what you know and what you can deliver, this will help when it comes to ranking your website.

Keep it relevant and look for the highest search volume keywords, this will stand you in good stead. You will also need to do a quick analysis of your competition, this is easily done. Look at the top ranking sites for the keyword and check for this content, it's also easier to rank if your top sites do not have the keywords within their content and MetaData.

With this data, you can analyze how much money you can make from your roofing SEO efforts. You will know how much traffic you will get and of course, you know your service prices. With a conservative website conversion rate of 1%, you will know how much money a keyword is worth to you if you get a top Google ranking.

Think about who your customers are, if you have been a roofer for a long time then you will know your customer base really well. The roofers SEO process starts with knowing your customer's needs and what they are looking for.

To help with this think about:

  • What problems do your customers have?
  • What do they need from you?
  • How do they describe your services when they look for them using a search engine?
  • How can you solve their problem as fast as possible?

When you have the answers to these questions you will have a list of words that you can use with keyword tools to discover the best search phrases for your roofing website.

The list will include search phrases that will describe your roofer services and problems that people have that your services will fix. Use the suggested keyword research tool to enhance your list and gather key search data.

To make the ranking as easy as possible and to get traffic as fast as possible you will want to target long-tail search phrases that have very low competition. These keywords will target your local area, this is a way to geo-target your roofer SEO efforts. Ensure you use the names of cities and towns that you offer roofing services. Get as targeted as possible for higher conversion rates, for example, don't just look at "roofer in Texas" also look at "roofer in Texas Denton". Make sure the keywords are in your Meta Data and body content and you will rank higher for them.

When you understand how your customers search for your business you can get to work diving deeper into roofing keywords and optimization. You can also discover what competing roofing business in your area are ranking for, this is incredibly powerful at building out your keyword list.

To really know whether a keyword is easy to rank for you should always do a manual check. To do this you can do the following:

  • Do the other ranked roofing websites have in-depth content over 2000+ words in length?
  • Do the top-ranked websites have the exact keywords in the Meta Data and the body content (including headings)?
  • Do the top ranking sites have a lot of social media engagement including reviews?
  • Does the highest-ranked roofing business have a lot of backlinks?

Those are the main aspects to consider when doing a manual check for SEO competition. Tools are not always accurate, so do not be lazy, do the manual check too, it only takes a few minutes to complete.

To get this right you can also run the keywords through a few free keyword research tools, this means you can double-check keyword SEO competition scores and make sure the search data volume is correct.

Get Started

The first step, if you already have a roofing website is to check what keywords your website is already ranking for. To do this you can use a free tool called Ubersuggest, you can find it online. Simply enter your website URL and the tool will reveal all the keywords it is ranking for.

These are the search phrases that people are entering in Google to find your website, will also discover your most visited pages. The most popular roofing keywords will look something like this:

  • roofing services + your area
  • roofing contractor + your area
  • roofing company + your area

Then you will probably notice your website is ranking for more long-tail search phrases like:

  • roof repair service near me
  • 24-hour emergency roof repair services
  • metal roof work
  • roofing companies for shingle roofing
  • top rated roofing contractors in my area

Of course, if you offer other side services like gutter cleaning then your website will show or want to show for these types of search terms too.

To get started you will need to use the Ubersuggest tool to uncover more keywords for your roofing website, instead of entering your URL go ahead and enter some seed keywords for roofing services in your area. This will give you a huge list of potential keyword options, take note of the monthly search volumes, social engagement, number of backlinks, and SEO competition scores.

Free Online Keyword Research Tools

At some point, you will have a list of keywords that you think people would type into Google to find your business. The step after that is to enter these search terms into free keyword research tools to discover metrics like search volume and SEO competition scores.

There are many free and paid tools that you can use, from years of experience we know that you just need to use one tool. The free tool can be found over at the Neil Patel website and is called Ubersuggest. You can enter your seed terms and it will throw up more suggestions, many that you will not have even thought about.

The paid tools are not required, these have a monthly fee or will require you to buy credits. Some of these services offer free to try options, which is always good to test. Some paid keyword research tools include SpyFu, Long Tail Pro, SEMScoop, Keyword Revealer, and KWFinder. Those are the paid options.

The free options are Keyword Explorer by MOZ and Ubersuggest by Neil Patel. Those are the only keyword research tools that you will require. If you are confused by all of this do not worry, you can pay a one-off fee at an SEO agency to perform keyword research for you.

When you take note of all these new keywords you must also pay close attention to the search volume data and also the SEO competition score. The SEO competition score is normally evaluated by the site age and the number of backlinks that the competing sites have.

Without any doubt this is the most important step of any SEO and roofing contractor marketing strategy, if you choose to go after the wrong search terms you can wait a long time for ranking results or even not rank at all. With some keywords it is possible to rank top without any backlinks, all that is required is some high-quality hand written content. This is something that a good SEO agency will help you with.

I should make this clear, you do not need to pay an agency if you are willing to put in the time to get this right. If you rush this then you could be missing out on big bucks, and even wasting your time trying to rank your web pages that may never rank. The time that you put into this is very important, if you do not want to put the time in then go ahead and get an experienced agency to do it for you.

Grow Your Keyword List

The main thing is to ensure you go for low competition keywords that have the highest possible search volume. Remember that sometimes long tail low search volume keywords can bring in more conversions than high search volume keywords, this is because they are highly targeted.

You do not have to use paid keyword research tools, the free ones that are available online will get the job done. It's good practice to use a few free tools because search volume data does differ, so using two means you can double-check everything.

Low Search Volume Keywords Can Yield Higher Conversions

Do not dismiss low search volume keywords, these will be highly targeted and can actually bring you more leads and sales than high search volume keywords.

These keywords are very important because the competition is usually very low from an SEO standpoint, which means you can get good ranking results in days, just from quality content alone.

A good example of a highly targeted keyword is "metal roofing services in New York". These search terms give you the best chance at getting conversions on your roofing website.

High Volume Short Tail Roofing Keywords

The start of any keyword research campaign will be to start will short tail roofer search terms, then they will be built out by adding your locations onto them. Short tail roofer keywords include roofer, roofing services, roof repair, roofing contractor. Then you can add the term "near me" to them and the locations that you operate in. You can then use a keyword research tool to feed these into to discover their SEO competition scores and search volume data.

Your main aim should be to discover low competition keywords from an SEO standpoint with the highest possible search volume. You will find that higher search volumes go hand in hand with higher competition scores. The idea is to pick out and go for as many highly targeted search phrases as possible for maximum chance of ranking success.

With that in mind, you will end up targeting roofing keywords like "roofing in Newcastle" and "Newcastle roof repair". If you hit the top for highly targeted search terms like these you can bring in some very high converting traffic, which is what we are looking to achieve. The visitor is in need of your services when they land on your website, with a bit of extra work on website layout you can land just about every one of them.

Low Volume Long Tail Roofing Service Keywords

Long-tail keywords are highly targeted and bring in very high converting visitors. Your website conversion rates will go up considerably if you choose to target this type of keyword. Although they have a lower search volume, in most cases they will bring in more customer acquisitions. These are people looking for your exact roofing service within your area, if your website is set up good then it will convert at a high rate. An example of this type of keyword would be "gutter replacement in Scarborough" or "slate repair in York".

The good thing about these keywords is that the potential website visitor knows exactly what they want. This means they are at the end of the buying cycle, they are looking to hire a roofer right now, these leads are the best you can get. Therefore long-tail keywords, although have lower search volumes, can bring in more customers. It's important not to dismiss these keywords because they have low search volume data.

As I have already pointed out, a page on your roofing website will target short-tail keywords and a number of related long-tail keywords. This way one piece of content will bring in traffic from many different search terms. A piece of content about slate repair will also target long-tail variations like "slate repair services + location". This ensures a page will get ready to buy visitors to it too, this ensures that you get as many signs up customers on your website as possible.

With all this data at your fingertips, you can choose which keywords to focus your SEO efforts on. Of course, these keywords depend on the different roofing services that you offer and the locations you offer these services. Creating an SEO roofing strategy must revolve around keyword research. You can even gather an idea of the market size from conducting keyword research alone, giving you precise data so you can make an educated decision if you want to deliver roofing services in a particular location or not.

Selecting Targeted Roofing Keywords

Highly targeted keywords will include your service description and the area that it is offered in. This in turn produces very high conversion rates on your website. So, if your business is more focused on repairs and cleaning services rather than a complete roof refit it would reflect in your keyword research.

If you are solely operating on repair and cleaning services then you would expect to target keywords like "roof repair services in East Yorkshire" because this is highly specific to your roofing business. It will also be possible to rank for other search terms around this, so make sure you take time over conducting keyword research. It is very important, do not skim over this step.

Plan Out Keywords to Pages

Your keyword list will be pretty long, you need to group the short-tail keywords with the long tail variations on them. Then you can start to put your keywords to existing pages, of course, you may need to write new content for new pages.

You will need to go through the content on your website, does the content match any of the keywords you have on your list? If so, start optimizing the page as outlined in this guide. If not, you will need to set up a new page for the keyword, you will need to write new content for this.

All of your main target keyword pages should be directly accessible from your main menu, the most important ones should also be on the footer. This makes things easier for your visitors and the search engine spiders to discover them. You may set pages apart from commercial roofing and residential roofing services. They may also be broken up by locations that you operate in.

Match Roofing Content with Keywords

To optimize a page to its full potential target one main focus keyword, this will have the highest search volume. Then you can add long-tail versions of that keyword into the content. This makes the page optimized to its maximum traffic trapping potential. So if your main focus keyword is "roofing repairs Hull" you would also target "best roofing repairs Hull" and "roofing repairs Hull reviews" among many others.

Good content will also include questions and answers at the bottom of the pages, you can discover any questions that people are searching for related to any keyword over at the SpyFu website. This tool is free, just enter your keyword and the questions will be displayed that are related. You can also Google the keyword to discover related questions, these will be listed in the SERPs, but not always.

5. Setting Up Your Roofing Website

If you do not currently have a website for your roofing business then we suggest that you use WordPress as the Content Management Platform. This platform will enhance your roofing lead generation with the use of free plugins and marketing apps.

We suggest WordPress because it is very easy to install on any server and it is very easy to use. Anyone can add content to a WordPress blog on a regular basis after it has been set up, if you can use a Word Processor, you can use WordPress.

You must also be very picky when it comes to selecting website hosting when conduction SEO for roofers, for ranking purposes your website must load quickly. If you purchase low cost hosting on a shared server then it is just about certain your website will load very slowly.

While you are at this stage you must also remember to purchase an SSL certificate, remember that a secure HTTPS website will get a higher ranking. This is a must, do not skip over this step.

Unique Website Design

Your website design will either appeal to the visitor or ensure they click off your website. You really must take your website design seriously, a great looking site will help with conversions.

A visually appealing website is not the only thing you should be thinking about, too many high-resolution images and embedded videos will slow load times down, so take care when deciding what to use.

Keep the main focus on your design on getting those visitors through the funnels and onto the buying pages where they can give you their lovely money. Each step should build trust with carefully placed reviews and past evidence of quality work that you have done.

Contact Details

For local rankings using roofing marketing, it is important that your contact details are available and consistent on every page of your website, a good roofing SEO company will insist on this. SEO for roofing companies could not be any easier than this, if you only do one thing, then make sure you do this. Your NAP data should be found in the footer and/or sidebar of your website. This should be verified on your Google Business Page and be consistent across any citations done on other websites on the net.

Call To Action Buttons

Carefully placed CTA buttons will lead visitors through your website to the conversion pages and stop them from returning to the Google SERPs. Have these placed near your customer reviews and photos of previous work done, this is where they have the highest possible click rates.

To ensure you build trust you must have reviews and photos of the work you have done before. It is also a good idea to have photos of your team on the website, this will help visitors know that you are a real roofing business and will not con them out of their money.

Live Chat

You can actually use a live chat facility on your roofing website to see how your visitors behave, you can interact with them too and help them get what they need.

You can see how the visitors move through your site, see what content they are looking at, and help them. Live chat also helps you know exactly how much traffic you have on your website in real-time. If you are using a WordPress website we highly recommend using for your live chat agent, it is free too.

Make Your Homepage Amazing

Your homepage is your main landing page and should be given the utmost importance when it comes to content and thought to lead generation. The homepage is where most first-time visitors will land and you must sell them your services and push trust to make them convert.

It is best practice to give your homepage the best keywords that you have found, these should be the best short tail keywords with the highest search volumes. If you are a roofer in Heslerton, then your homepage's main target keyword will be "roofer Heslerton". This allows you to rank for search terms like "roofers near me" in the Heslerton area, of course, you need to make sure your business location is listed on the homepage.

Page Set-Up

Roofers will service a set area where they live, many of these roofing businesses will not have a brick and mortar store and therefore must be online to get these customers. It is highly possible that a roofer may operate in a 50-mile radius around the town or city where they live.

To ensure your website pulls traffic from different areas around the city/town where you live you must have separate pages for each location within the city/town. So you will have pages set up per location. These pages will need to have unique content for each target keyword for that area.

Do not copy content from your competitors, duplicate content will not rank anywhere. You need to look to add something new to the SERPs, by doing that you will rank, if the content is top quality it will go top. Offer different roofing services per page offering different solutions on each one.

Local Pages

If your roofing business works in many locations it is a good idea to have one page per location. This way you can give the visitor more exact information about the services that are offered in that particular area. In turn, it also means that you can include local keywords in the URL structure, Meta Data, and body content.

Roofing Service Pages

For each and every service that your roofing business has on offer, it needs to have its own page on your roofing website. This makes optimization a lot easier, remember that it can be difficult to optimize one page for a few different keywords/services. Making different pages for different services will make life a whole lot easier for you.

Easy Site Navigation

You should design your website for your visitors, however, it is also important to keep the search engine spiders in mind. Make sure all your main most important pages can be discovered from the main menu on your website and are also available in the footer of your roofing website. If search engine spiders can find the pages from the navigation menu then they will be indexed a lot faster. Be sure to use the free Website Auditor tool by SEO Powersuite, it will run a test on your website and bring up any broken links or 404 errors that need fixing. It saves time and is much better than running through the website manually looking for broken links.

Write Good Body Content

To ensure you get ahead of the competition it is good practice to write amazing in-depth content. In SEO, it is well known that pages with 2000+ words rank higher than pages with thin content. Look at the top ranking sites for your keywords, do they have thin content? If so, this is a massive opportunity to exploit when it comes to SEO.

Great content will increase trust, it is your opportunity to let your potential customers know that you really do know your stuff when it comes to roofing. This is your chance to let go and write some informative information about roofing, it will help convert those visitors that are on the fence.

Be sure to add great images, customer reviews, and most importantly those call to action buttons. Show projects that you have worked on, let the customers see what you can do, if you need to include a case study section on your roofing website then do it.

At the start, write your content naturally, try to work those keywords in there without sounding unnatural. It is tempting to ram your content full of keywords, this is not a good idea. If your keywords are in the MetaData, the URL extension, the body content headings, and at the top, middle, and bottom of your content you will be good to rank top.

You will be looking to write content around one main focus keyword, which you will have identified during the keyword research page. The long tail variations will be scattered around the body content naturally. The content must match your Meta Data, remember to write your Meta description into the body content, this does help with rankings.

You can work long-tail keywords into your content by showcasing your services on your homepage, list the commercial and residential options that are available. Try to have more content on your homepage than your competitors do.

Name Area and Phone Number Details

To install trust and also help with local keyword rankings it is a must to have your business name, address, and phone number in clear view on all pages of your website. A customer must be able to contact without any hassle, this leads to increased conversions and helps with rankings. If you skip this step, it may hinder your website rankings.

Having your business details in clear view to your customers builds trust, this, in turn, helps a potential customer convert into a paying customer. Your brand name, address, phone number, and email address needs to be visible on all pages, a good place to ensure this happens is to have this data displayed in the header and footer of your website, it is also a good idea to have it in the sidebar on blog posts and relevant pages.

Place Clear Call To Action Buttons On Your Roofing Web Pages

To ensure every visitor becomes a lead you must have some call to action buttons on your website. Those people who are not quite ready to part with there cash need to be tempted by giving them a free offer, in the roofing business this usually comes in the form of a "free quote" offer. So, you will have a button on your website where they can register for a free survey and quote with no obligations to pay after that. Then, when you meet them, they see you in person they will almost always turn into paying customers.

If a roofing website has this free quote option available it ensures your website is fully optimized to capture all types of visitors. Some visitors will be in urgent need of repairs and will pay and sign up on your site. Those that need a little persuasion can be done so through the free quote buttons.

Unique and Long Content

It is well known that long and in-depth content will rank higher than poor thin content. However, when it comes to solving problems there is no rule here that this is the case for all keywords. The one thing that you should not do is have duplicate content, all of your content should be completely unique to your website, do not copy anything. Google will not show the same data in the SERPs twice, there is no reason to do this. Are your pages on your roofing website unique? If not, you must change this.

It doesn't take a lot of time to add some content to your pages. Add customer reviews and write about the services that you offer. This not only builds trust but also helps with conversions.

Please do not copy content from another website, this will harm your rankings. Google will not list two websites in the top 10 of the SERPs if they have the same content, it does not add value to their searchers. I will say this again, do not cut corners and duplicate content from another website, write it yourself, or get your agency to do it. A good way to add high-quality content to your website is through a blog, make sure you have one set up and keep adding to it.

User Experience

How the visitors engage with the content on your website is also a ranking signal. If a searcher lands on your website and stays for 2 seconds and returns to Google then it sends a negative signal to Google that your web page did not solve the problem that they searched for. To improve user experience make sure your Meta Data is highly focused on the page content, do not mislead people. The user experience is also better if the roofing website loads quickly, a slow loading web site will not rank high.

Facts and Figures

Content that is littered with facts and figures is much more shareable, this is a proven fact. So be sure to drop some of these into your content. An example of this would be to say that 86% of your customers did not know that their roof needed storm damage repair. Remember that if your content is shared a lot around social media then it has a much higher probability of earning more backlinks, and with more niche related backlinks comes higher rankings and much more free traffic and roofer leads.

What Roofing Content You Need To Add To Your Blog

It is crucial that you add a blog to your roofing website, this will help you rank for more keywords and bring in more traffic. When you blog about solving roofing problems it builds trust, the sites will convert much better.

To discover new content ideas for your blog you can look around Question and Answer websites like Quora. Take a look at what problems people have and need solutions to online. Get those blog posts out there, it will build trust and bring more traffic to your website. Remember to internal link these blog posts to your main focus pages, the conversion pages, this will help their rankings.

Also, do your competitors have a blog? Use Ubersuggest tool for free to find out which blog posts bring in the most traffic for them. Do not copy them, but add something new into the mix, are they missing something?

Do not be afraid to get creative and most importantly add value by adding something new that someone has missed, this will get your website shares and it will get you noticed online.

To ensure that you always have things to post on social media you should be adding content to your blog all the time. It is good to post at least once a week to get things moving, a good roofing SEO company will have this included in their packages.

If you include roofing guides and a how-to section on the blog it really hits home to your customers that you know what you are talking about, this will most definitely lead to increased conversions and higher trust in your business.

You can take a look at what the competition is doing, use Ubersuggest to discover the blog posts that are driving traffic to their website. You can go ahead and do your own post on the subject, use your own images, and go more in-depth, you will outrank them and get their traffic.

This next tip is much overlooked; questions. Post content on your blog answering roofing related questions, you can discover what roofing questions people are searching for on Google using the free tool from

Just pop a roofer related keyword into the tool and it will throw up a questions section, you can use these ideas for blog posts. You will also find questions as part of the Google SERPs, that's another way you can find them too. Just go to Google, enter a keyword, and look at the SERPs for any questions related to it.

Making your blog a valuable roofing resource brings trust and with that the higher search engine rankings come. Yes, this takes time to complete, but the effort is well worth it. You are looking to build trust, this is another great way to do it.

6. On-Site Roofing SEO

This is where you take care of the optimization of your website pages, making sure your target keywords are featured on all relevant pages on your roofing website. For the Google search spiders to understand what your website is about you must include these roofing search terms within your body content and also your website MetaData.

At this stage of the SEO process, you will have a list of related keywords to your roofing operations. The next step is to group these keywords strategically to make on-site SEO easier to complete.

Checklist for On-Page SEO for Roofing Website

Every page on your roofing website should be optimized around one focus keyword, it will then be optimized for long-tail variations of this search term. You will need to group your keywords together, short tail keywords followed by long-tail variations.

For example, your homepage's main focus keyword will be "roofer in Washington" followed by long-tail variations like "best roofer in Washington" and "roofer in Washington reviews". First, you will optimize your pages for the one main keyword, then you will work on the long-tail variations. This way, one piece of content will rank for many keywords, which of course saves time writing lots of content for each long-tail keyword.

After you have made your keyword lists with them grouped into main keywords followed by long-tail variations it is time to decide which pages these fit best, you may need to write more content and add new pages to work all your keywords onto your roofing website.

A regular roofing website will be made up of the homepage, about us, contact us, packages, reviews, and FAQs. To become an authority roofing business in the area you operate in you must also add a blog and add and update content on your site on a weekly if not daily basis. If you do not have the time for this then you must hire a roofing SEO company, they are well worth it in the end.

To get the most from free organic traffic you will need to build out your website, this can be done by adding a new blog post on a weekly basis. This is great for getting more traffic and internal links too, which of course are very important.

Many roofing contractors will provide other services as well as the regular roof repair options, this allows for more target keyword options, and essentially more ways to bring traffic to your website from the search engines and social media platforms. You can add service pages for gutter repairs, siding, and other stuff like roof insulation.

As you add more content to your website, which will always include photos of previous jobs, reviews, videos, and how-to tutorials your website will become the authoritative go-to place in your area. This will in turn lead to huge ranking gains and amazing conversion rates.

A contractor that offers more services will have a website made up of their homepage, services, extra services, add-on service, and more. These extra service sections will be broken up to include pages for roof replacement, different types of roofing repairs, vinyl siding, gutter repairs and replacement, storm damage and emergency roof repair services, insulation options.

As your service expand the pages on your site will grow, which is a good thing. If you look at your competition, you will notice that they are not taking advantage of this. This in turn results in less traffic from the SERPs, they are missing out big time, and it's not a hard thing to take care of.

Take a look at your competitor's websites, you will notice right away the opportunities that are on offer. The roofing contractors will probably have a one or two-page website with all services listed on one page, this is not a good set.

Also, if you operate over a wide area you would be best placed to have separate pages for each area you work in, this way you can add the different locations into the URLs, which is another ranking signal. You will not be able to do this if you target all locations from a single page, so think carefully about your website architecture, it is important going forward.

The working of keywords throughout your content on all relevant pages is very important. On-Site SEO takes care of this, make sure you add relevant keywords to all relevant pages on your roofing website.

Just remember that the most important places to put your keywords on your website are as follows:

  • Meta Data
  • Headings
  • Body Content (image ALT TAGs)

Each page of your roofing website will need to be optimized for some of the keywords that you have discovered.

To ensure your pages are fully optimized for the keywords you must do the following, this is very important and can yield results very quickly. If you use Google Webmaster Tools to re-crawl your pages after the changes have been made the rank improvements can be seen in hours, not days, weeks, or months.

The content that you have on your web page will help you to rank top, this is a very important step. Sometimes, a well-written piece of content that has been well optimized can rank top on Google without any backlinks at all, this saves a lot of time.

You can start to write your content for your pages, or go ahead and optimize the content that is already on your roofing website. This is the way to make on-site SEO take effect on your rankings.

If you have perfect keyword placement within your pages and write great Meta Data your website will be very successful in the search engine rankings. On-site SEO is very important, do not skim over this part, it must be done very carefully for the best results.

We have listed the on-site changes that need to be made that have the most impact on rankings from an SEO standpoint:

  • Meta Data: Your main focus keyword must feature in your Title Tag and your website Description Tag.
  • Headings: You must have the main focus keyword in the H1 heading, it must also feature in one or two H2-H6 tags.
  • URL: Try and get your keywords into the URL extension, if you are optimizing existing content then it's not a good idea to change the URL.
  • Images: Put the main keywords, the main focus keyword, and the long tail variations into one image ALT Tag each.
  • Internal Links: Ensure you link from one page to another via internal links, use your keywords for the target URL so that Google is clear about what that page is about.

The content on your roofing website needs to reflect the keywords you are looking to rank top for. The content must be quality and arranged in a way to drive sales. This can be done by featuring customer reviews and call to action within the content.

A good place to start is to go and take a look at your competitor's content, the content that is on the top site for your target keywords. Is the content thin? How many words does it have? These are the questions you must ask yourself, where is the opportunity for your website to take the top spot from them?

If you are looking to rank for keywords like "roofing repair services" or "slate roof repair" you must have these words on your page in the headings, images, and body content.

Good, long, well-researched content that is 2000+ words in length tends to rank better than short thin content. Of course, this depends on the keyword in question, you must solve the problem of the searcher, if a short piece of content achieves this then that is the best solution.

Changing Your Meta Data

If you have gone with our suggested Content Management System and are using WordPress then changing your MetaData for each page is very easy to do. You simply need to add an SEO plugin, this is called Yoast.

All you have to do is to look underneath the body content on your WordPress dashboard and modify the Yoast section. You will see a section to add your title-Tag and description Tag, simply enter the details and update your post.

The Meta Title Tag is very important, you really must have your main focus keyword in here. This is what features in the SERPs, so be careful when you write this, why? Because if it does not reflect exactly what is on your pages then searchers will leave your website quickly, and this will harm your rankings.

Do not stuff your keyword into the Title Tag more than once, this will not help no matter how good you think it will be. If you keyword stuff your website will most definitely lose rankings, do not do it.

A good Title Tag will have your main keyword at the start, will include your brand, and also some way to appeal to the searcher's emotions to ensure they click on your listing. In some cases it is good to add your phone number too, this gives them a call to action, and most people get onto this right away.

The Meta Description is displayed in the SERPs right under the TITLE, this is where you can add some information to appeal to their emotions, use words like "trusted" and "good reviews" to enhance click-through rates.

It is also a good idea to add your main focus keyword into the Description Tag too, this really hits home to the search bots what your content is really about. Remember that Google is a machine, you must give it what it requires.

Each page on your roofing website should have unique MetaData. The Title and Description TAG for each and every page on your website should be different. You should have your main focus keywords in this data, add long-tail variations if you can.

Title Tags

The place that a keyword will have the most impact on your rankings is the Title Tag. Be very mindful of this, you must have your main focus keyword in your Meta Title Tag.

Do not confuse the Title Tag with the H1 Tag, these are different elements in the HTML code.

The Title Tag is what you see at the top of your browser winder when you open a web page or the line of text at the top of your listing in the SERPs.

A Title Tag reads better and has a higher click through rates if they are of a certain length. The optimum length for a Title Tag is around 50 to 60 characters. The Title Tag is listed in the SERPs, it is what people use to determine whether they will visit your website or not. This is very important, take it seriously.

High Clicking Page Titles

The MetaData includes the page title, this is what people see about your roofing business in the search engine results pages. To make these Titles highly clickable you must appeal to the searcher's emotions. If you are offering emergency roofing services then you must say you can be out to the house 24/7 any day any time, quick response. This will get them clicking on your site.

To get started writing your Title Tags go ahead and search for your keyword on Google, take a look at what the top-ranking sites are using. After all, these sites are ranking high for a reason. Remember we are looking to offer something different, do not copy any of them. This is just to give us some idea of what is getting clicks, take note of the emotional words that are being used.

The Title Tag should always have your main focus keyword in there, that's a given. So that is the first thing that you write down. Now you need to get in some emotionally charged words like "secret" or "insider" or "concealed". To see more emotional words check out

If you have any room left over at the end you should also include your roofing business name for brand exposure. If this is not possible, do not worry, the most important things are the keywords and the emotional words.

You must make sure that whatever you write is reflected on your page, if not, you could run the risk of getting a high bounce rate. This means visitors will return to the SERPs after visiting your web page, which is not a good signal.

Your Title Tag should be no longer than 65 characters in length, it will not hurt your rankings if it is, however anything over this will get cut off and will not be seen, so it is pointless having it in there.

Description Tags

The Meta Description lies below your Meta Title Tag in the SERPs. It is another great opportunity for you to add your keyword into the mix.

You must use this opportunity to correctly describe your web page content, this must not be misleading in any way, otherwise, it will lead to high bounce rates and in turn lower rankings.

Remember that a well-written Description Tag will help improve the click-through rates, take your time, and ensure it delivers to the potential visitor that what you have on your web page will solve their roofing problem.

High Converting Page Descriptions

The description gives you a bit more scope to really fire home and push those people to click on your listing. You have more words at your disposal here, so use them wisely and you will get the results you are looking for.

You have 160 characters to play with, any more will get cut off. If you do not provide a description that completely reflects your page content then Google bot will select some text from your page to use in place for your description. For this reason, it is a good idea to have your description text also in your body content somewhere.

The best procedure to start writing your description tag is to start with your main focus keyword, then work out from that. You will also want to include some of those all-important emotional words. If you have received 5 star Google reviews, then say that it will help your click-through rate. Remember to truly reflect what is on your page, this will reduce bounce rates considerably.

If your service is an emergency, then you can include your roofing business phone number in your description. This allows the web surfer to contact you right away in an emergency, a great way to get leads fast.

The key thing to remember when writing a good description tag is to use your main keywords, emotion words, and a call to action. Take a look at what the competition is doing for ideas and work from there. Do not copy, offer something new into the mix and make sure it is related to your page content, this will stand you for success.


The H1 Tag is an important place to have your main focus keyword. This must reflect what is shown in your Meta Title.

You will also want to break your content up under further headings H2 to H6, this is where you can also repeat your roofer keywords. Ensure you have your main focus keyword in the H2 heading, you can also put it in bold font to give it more weight.

You will have as many H2-H6 Tags on your page as you need, there is no limit. Just remember that it is not good practice to stuff keywords in the willy nilly, try to write naturally, and work them in where it sounds right.

URL Structure

The shorter the URL the better, a short URL is much easier to remember and a lot easier to share on social media. This is what we are looking to achieve, but remember to have your keywords in there, this does help with rankings quite considerably.

If you are looking to rank your roofing website over multiple areas then your URL structure would look something like this: This will help the navigation of your website much easier and help search spiders understand what areas your roofing services cover.

It helps with ranking if you can include your keywords in the URL extension, of course, this is not possible if you are adding content to your homepage. Try and get your main focus keyword in there and remember that shorter URLs are easily shared, which will help earn backlinks down the line.

Please do not change your URL if it is indexed and you have come back to it to optimize, it is a small ranking signal and should not be changed. If you are creating new pages it is good practice to have your keyword in the URL extensions, that's all.

If you really do want to change your roofer URL to improve your roofing SEO then make sure you do a 301 permanent redirect from the old page to the new one. This ensures all ranking juice (backlinks) pass onto the new URL extension. This way you will not lose any off-page marketing that has been delivered in the past.


It is good to add videos and images to your pages, this will ensure your visitors stay on your website longer, which of course is another ranking signal.

Images give you another chance to add your keywords to the page through the ALT Tag, keywords should only be added to one ALT Tag to avoid overoptimization.

Another way to drive traffic to your roofing website is from social media, a good one is to have a YouTube channel for your business. You can record work being done and interview customers, this all adds confidence to prospect clients, builds trust, and increases brand exposure online in a big way. It is free to have a YouTube channel, so go and get one, there is no reason not to have this.

Alt Tags

The Alt Tag is also known as the "Alt Attribute" is an element of HTML code that is connected to the images on a web page. The text is used to describe the image on the web page, as part of your on-page roofing SEO strategy you can add your keywords into them.

It is also good to know that if you mark up the images correctly then Google will show them in the Google image search results pages, this will also boost traffic to your roofing website. The Alt Tag text will show on your web page if the image breaks, this will help improve user experience if you use them correctly.

It is highly important that you do not abuse this opportunity by using your keywords too many times in your Alt Tags. make sure you carefully describe the image, and if you can add the keyword naturally then do so. It is good practice to only add the keyword to one Alt Tag per page.

Whenever you write new content for your roofing website it is good to write naturally in the first instance and then work in your keywords later. Over-optimization can harm your rankings, so take care to make sure everything reads naturally, do not add keywords for the sake of it to game the rankings, it will not work.

To increase the trust you will have added photos to your web pages showcasing previous work that you have done. The alternative text area of an image is where you can add your keywords, it is a very small ranking signal, but something that should not be overlooked when looking to be fully optimized for any roofing search term.

It is important to add Alt Tags too because it tells the search engine bots what the images are about. Remember that Google has an image search feature too, so having your images appear in the Google image search will also bring more traffic to your roofing website. Any way you can get more traffic is something you must undertake, do not be afraid to do this step.

Linking Up Your Pages

Backlinks matter, internal links matter, so link up your pages from within the body content wherever possible. Make sure you use a call to actions buttons to the customers to your services and sign up pages. Use exact match anchor text for internal links, this really hits home to the search bots what your content really is about, this helps boost keyword rankings.

If you need to link out to another website then do it, make sure these are authority websites and will help your visitor in some way. Outbound links are good too, work them into the content where needed, keep everything relevant and it will help. It is good practice to have all outbound links open up in a new browser tab, this ensures you do not lose the visitor for good.

To keep this simple, all of your main pages (high search volume keywords) should be accessible within a few clicks from the homepage. When you interlink your pages use exact match keywords for the anchor text, this will have an effect on your rankings in a good way.

Internal linking is missed by many website owners, it is a misconception that it is not powerful, yet that is very untrue. Using the keywords as anchor text on internal links gives you a powerful way to tell the search bots exactly what the page's main focus keyword is.

Of course, links from external websites are powerful too, the most powerful external links will come from other websites in your niches, in this case, you will need links from other roofing sites to get top rankings.

To get a good idea of the authority of a page on your website you can use the MOZ domain authority tool. The authority of a page can be passed around your site through internal links. So if one page on your roofing website has thousands of links and another has zero links, you can help it rank by links internally from the page with many links to the page with zero links. This will increase the page authority of your site and also increase the whole ranking authority of your roofing website.

With this in mind, you need to discover your most linked-to pages. The MOZ Toolbar will help you do this quickly. You can install the toolbar on Chrome and it will let you know instantly how many backlinks each page on your website has and will give you an authority score. You can internal links high scoring pages to the low scoring ones to improve their ranking status in Google SERPs.

Your most important and most linked-to pages must be accessible from your main navigation menu and must be just one click away from your homepage. Your blog posts will be a few clicks away from your homepage, your service pages must be one click away, this will help with converting traffic into sales.

Technical Aspects of Roofer SEO

Technical roofer SEO refers to aspects that are also related to your on-page optimization. Having large images on your web pages will slow download times, this can be avoided by saving images as a .gif, the image quality is not lost but the file sizes are much lower. This increases load speeds and helps with your rankings.

You can use the free Google Speed Insights tool to check your load speed, it will give you technical suggestions to speed up your website. There will be caching plugins that you can utilize on a WordPress website to get this done in minutes without any hassle.

As more and more people use their phones to search online your website must look good on a mobile device. To check your website is mobile friendly use the free test tool provided by Google. You must also ensure your websites load correctly in different browser windows like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

Roofing contractors can improve SEO technical issues with the following:

  • Having a responsive website that will work well on all devices and browser windows. The different browsers read code in a different way, it is important that each site shows the same in all browsers.
  • Make sure the menu navigation shows the same on a mobile device as it does on a desktop device.
  • Have a Google Map embed on your web page to ensure your location is fully optimized for each page/location on your site.

Ensure your response tags are showing correctly, response codes talk to the search spiders to allow them to understand what a page is no longer available. If you get this wrong then a not found page may drop completely out of the SERPs and in turn lose your roofing website traffic and conversions.


Redirect is also an important part of roofer SEO, you can forward one URL to another and pass juice where required. How can a 301 redirect benefit a roofing website?

Reasons why a roofing webmaster will want to utilize a 301 redirect would be:

  • Updating your content? If you have a new and more improved content focused around a keyword that has been used before, you would redirect the old less quality content to the new update page.
  • Redirecting pages to the same extension helps keep things simple, so www. would be HTTPS:// or vice versa.
  • A 301 redirect will be used if you are switching content from one URL extension to another. An example of this would be if you are changing the URL extension to be more user friendly and shareable.
  • If you completely change your website URL to a new domain name then you would redirect all the juice over to your new domain name.

If you choose to rebrand and switch domain names then it is highly recommended that you 301 redirect before the new website is published live.

Duplicate Content

Recent algorithm updates have ensured that thin and duplicated content has been removed from the SERPs. If you write unique and high-quality roofing articles then it will get listed and rank high. Copying content from another website to yours will not get you anywhere, you must write things in your own words and offer something new.

You can perform a Google search to find free tools online to help you discover if your content is unique, in most cases you simply copy and paste your content or website URL into the tool and it will tell you how unique your content is.

XML Sitemap

A sitemap will help the search spiders discover and index your content. If your website is on WordPress and you use an SEO plugin like Yoast then an XML sitemap will be developed without you having to do anything at all. You can submit the sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools and have all your unique content indexed quickly.

To get the full benefit of roofer SEO an XML sitemap is required because:

  • It will help the search bots discover new content quickly.
  • If your site is not internally linked well it will help old content be discovered and indexed.

Robots.txt File

Using a robots.txt file you can tell the search bots which content to look at and what content you do not want to be indexed. It's good SEO practice to make sure that you do not have any content blocked from the search spiders that you really want to be indexed.

Schema and Markup

The schema may appear difficult to new roofing webmasters as you will need to alter your HTML code, however, when you get used to it it's not that difficult at all. Adding Schema will help the search engines understand your location and will also help your site stand out in the SERPs as reviews can be featured in your listings too.

Schema mark will help improve your rankings because Google search bots can confirm your locations and will help your listings stand out, this will help increase your click-through rates.

Many of your competitors will not be utilizing Schema or have done it wrong, this will give you an opportunity to outrank them. Do not skip this step, it is a great way to get ahead if you are on page 1 and need that little extra nudge to get ahead of the rest.

If you look at Google search engine results pages you will notice that some websites have reviews in their listings, how is this done? This is achieved by good Schema Mark Up, this tells the bots that there are reviews on your webpage and will display them in the SERPs. This of course increases click-through rate and in turn, has an impact on rankings.

Other code that can be used in your Schema Mark Up can be your roofing business opening hours, NAP details, and of course the already mentioned reviews. If you choose to go with WordPress as your content management choice, the Schema Mark Up can be added easily with the use of a Plugin, it does not have to be a hard task. Yes, this is code, but you do not need to be a coder to get this task done.

For the exact Schema MarkUp for the roofing niche you can take a look at the Schema website here:

Roofer Website Security

This is another ranking signal, you must keep your visitor's data secure, especially if you take orders on your website. This means that your website must have an SSL certificate and must have HTTPS at the start of your domain name. If you are looking to keep building trust this is a must, most browsers alert visitors that a website is not secure, this will put people off, so get your certificate, they are low cost and are very much worth having.

With an SSL certificate in place, it will ensure the data transferred between the customer's browser and your website hosting remains safe from prying eyes. If you are collecting payments or customer information like email addresses and phone numbers you must keep this information safe. As I said, this also builds trust and will essentially boost conversion rates and also help your website rank higher, so it is very much worth having an SSL certificate for your roofing website.

Have A Responsive Roofing Website

As the internet evolves more and more people are searching online through Google using their phones and tablet devices. To rank high your website must look good on all possible devices, this means that you have a responsive website. A website will show a little different on a mobile phone to what it does on a laptop. This means your call to action buttons must also be clear and in the right places when viewed on mobile devices also.

You must keep it clear in your mind that most users search online using their mobile phone, it is very important that your website is mobile-friendly. This will have a big impact on your rankings. If you choose WordPress as your content management platform then be sure to choose a responsive theme.

Google has some free tools that you can use online to test if your website is mobile-friendly. There is also a Google tool that is used to test load time. These combined will help you modify your website to improve the visitor experience and improve rankings too. To track other important data you can add your website property to a Google Webmaster Account and sign up for Google Analytics. These are free Google services and will help you see visitor data like the number of page views, bounce rates, and most traffic producing keywords.

Roofing Website Coding

Another very important ranking signal is website load speed and the use of HTTPS. Your website code must be up to date, which means it must load fast and must be responsive, meaning it will load great on all devices including laptops, phones, and tablets. The way the site is coded will affect the load time, a slow loading website will mean lost customers and lower search engine rankings. Make sure images do not take up a lot of resources and that Javascript and CSS are loaded in the background and is kept to a minimum.

Also, you must ensure that the look and feel of your website are professional. If a poor quality site is loaded then a visitor will click straight back to the search engines and will sign up with your competition. Site load speeds and nice looking websites must go hand in hand, high-resolution images ensure load times are longer, so you must consider this when designing your roofer website.

So, there is a lot to think about when it comes to website design. Choose your content management system very carefully. After that, you must consider your hosting, a good host will ensure your website load speeds are as fast as possible. Having your website on shared hosting that is low cost will mean you get very slow to load times, this will harm your website rankings considerably. Keep in mind that all of this will lose you money, so put the effort in at the start and the results at the end will be amazing.

On-Site Summary

To know that you have covered everything in your on-site SEO work be sure to check everything off on this checklist:

  • Keywords in Meta Data
  • Keywords in Headings
  • Keywords in Body Content
  • Keywords in URL
  • Separate Pages For Area/Services

On-site SEO work is an absolute must-do if you want your roofing website to rank high for the selected roofing terms. Remember, if your pages are not in the game then you do not have a chance of winning. Getting in the game means putting your keywords on the pages, taking care of the on-site SEO.

7. Off-Site SEO Roofing Marketing

The nest step is to work on promoting your website on other websites, if your roofing website receives great reviews on Google and social media it will help organic rankings. Remember that backlinks help a website rank higher, this is because links act as a vote of confidence for your website. The text used in the hyperlink is also important, if your keywords are used then it is likely to increase your ranking for that term. Please understand that building a backlink yourself goes against Google Webmaster Terms, your site must earn backlinks. This is possible by promoting your roofing website through the right channels.

Right after you have finished keyword research it is then very important to optimize your website for high conversion rates. This is not as important as keyword research, this step can be ongoing and will not affect future success at this point in your roofing business. If you have done keyword research right, then you will have the queries that will bring the visitors to your website, the next step is to make them stay on your site and convert them into customers.

It is important to have your keywords in the body content of your pages, but you must also include clear calls to action within your content. There must be a clear way to contact you, and even better, a clear way for them to sign up for and pay for your roofing services there and then.

It's not just important to have your keywords within the content of your web pages, Google also ranks websites based on page views, time on site, and whether visitors bounce back to the SERPs or not. A well-optimized roofing site will ensure visitors stay on the site as long as possible, view more than one page on the site, and do not go back to the SERPs. All of this combined leads to better rankings, and most importantly higher customer sign-up rates.

It is important that you understand that on-site and off-site SEO are both required to achieve a top Google ranking. You must take care of both aspects to get to the top, if you miss one out then you know why your rankings are suffering.

For long-tail keyword the most important aspect for rankings will come down to your on-site SEO, this is because the top-ranking sites will not have a lot of backlinks, in some cases they will not have any backlinks at all.

The important thing is to find keywords that will get you quick rankings where the top ranking sites have few backlinks and very thin or poorly optimized content. This is very easily done for long-tail roofing search terms. Local roofing businesses can have much success in one week or less from just a few on-page changes to their website.

The next step is to promote your roofing business across the web. You must have a page set up for your business on all the leading social platforms, this is free to do and will direct some traffic to your website.

The main social platforms that you should set up right now without delay are as follows:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Linkedin
  4. YouTube
  5. Pinterest
  6. Instagram

Those are the bare minimum, get it done right away. Remember to add some information about your website, include keywords, and add the areas you operate within. Also, remember to link back to your homepage where possible.

The only way to ensure your website is the authority in your area is to build up a great resource, keep adding content to your website. The very best way to do this is to add a blog to your roofing website, many roofing webmasters miss this out, it is a big mistake.

As time passes your website will gain authority with Google spiders and will rank top for keywords very quickly. Authority sites in any niche can rank number one for any keyword without any backlinks. This is done over time, there is no time like now to get started.

At this point in the SEO process your roofing website now has the following completed:

  1. New Content Added or Content Updated
  2. On-Site SEO Completed
  3. Website Architecture Update (Internal Linking Set-Up)

A very important part of search engine optimization is off-site work, this involves the marketing of your content through social media, which will allow your website to ear backlinks naturally.

If you have been researching SEO you will know that a lot of emphasis is put on getting backlinks to your website, it is now and always will be a major ranking signal for Google.

However, a website must earn high-quality links to hit the top. A high-quality link is a contextual link from another site in your niche.

If you have great content then the next step is to have quality links, this is a sure-fire and tested strategy to get top Google rankings. Do not build backlinks to your website, this will get it penalized as it goes against Google Webmaster Guidelines.

A link acts as a vote for your website, which means someone else in the world thinks that your content/website has value. If your website acquires enough quality votes from great websites then you are on the path to top rankings and lots of traffic and money in the bank.

When the on-site work is complete you will need to look at the working off-site, this means you will need to promote your business through other online mediums. Being active on social media will help you earn those all-important backlinks, this will help you get ahead of the competition.

Content Marketing and Backlinks

Very competitive keywords will require you to get active promoting your website, you will need backlinks to rank top. Low competition SEO keywords will require less off-site efforts in the marketing stakes.

At the very basic level, you should be promoting your roofing website on social media, this will get your services and content noticed by other people working in the roofing industry. Many roofers may have tried to take shortcuts and have purchased backlinks, this is very risky and if you buy from the wrong people you can easily get your website penalized, do not buy backlinks.

You should concentrate your efforts on earning backlinks and not building them yourself or buying them. This way your roofing website will be future proof of any algorithm changes.

To get started setting up your roofing business pages on all social media platforms, even if you do it on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube only it is a good start. These outlets will bring traffic to your website and will eventually start to help your roofing website earn backlinks.

Where To Share Your Content

Who are the people that are going to like and share your content? There is a useful and free tool that you can use to discover this information, Google BuzzSumo, and take a look.

The tools will help you understand what kind of content is being shared a lot on social media, you will also see what platforms it is popular on. It will also throw up some possible new keyword ideas that you have not even thought about.

On any social media platform, they have their own top performers, known as influencers. If you can, look to develop something that will appeal to them, something that will grab the attention of these people that could bring a lot of traffic to your roofing website. Use the free tool and you will know where to share your content and what social platforms your business needs to be operating on most of the time. Keep engaged on a daily basis and your followers will grow considerably.

Earn Roofing Niche Backlinks - Do Not Build Them

Your business can be promoted over the internet, you can do this by listing your business and website details on business and local listing directories. The directories that you should focus on are the ones that are related to roofing, or the ones that are related to the area where you operate in. Be sure to add your business address, it is important that this matches exactly the address listed on your website.

To ensure your rankings improve it is good to have backlinks from niche related websites, this is key to a top ranking. You must follow Google Webmaster Guidelines, do not build backlinks yourself, you must earn these niche related roofing links. You can do this by writing great content and by sharing it on social media and by doing some reach out emails.

If you are promoting your roofing website on social media it will also create a backlink to your website, this is okay as you are promoting your business. If you are looking to get backlinks from other roofing related websites it is important that you do not build them yourself to influence rankings, they must be earned and come naturally.

The Name, Address and Phone number of your business must remain consistent across all platforms. When you set up your social media pages, make sure the address that you add is exactly the same as the one listed on your website. This will have a big impact on local rankings, where you are looking to rank for specific location keywords.

A good thing to do right now is to go over all of your listings and check the data matches across all platforms. If you are just starting out online then make sure the NAP details on your website match everything else that you put out there online regarding your roofing business.

Google Business Page

Your Google Business Page is something that should be set up right away, of course, get your website optimized first, then do this step. This will enable your business/brand to be exposed to the local 3 pack listings in the search engine results pages. It will also help people find your business if a person uses Google Maps to search for a local roofer near them.

To set up your Google Business Page you will need to verify the address, this is done by post. Be sure to add your website details and also make sure your NAP data (name, area, phone) are consistent. Having this Business Page set up it will allow customers to leave Google Reviews on your services, which of course will build trust.

To ensure you stand out from competing roofers it is good to go the extra mile, this means you should add photos of completed work and even videos wherever possible. If you add your phone number it will automatically include a call to action button on your listing, which means customers can call you right from the search engine results pages. This can be a real game-changer when gathering more leads for your roofing business.

If you perform a Google search looking for a local roofing business you will notice that the top Google Business Page listings have the best and more reviews. This means it is very important for you to encourage your customers to leave a review of your services after you have finished with them. To ensure they do this you could give them a 5% discount on the work done after they have completed their Google review.

Claim Your Google Business Listing

When it comes to local SEO this part of the process is an absolute must-do. You really do need to claim your Google Business Page. You have nothing to lose, it is free to set up and gives you another chance to get listed in the SERPs.

As you work through setting up your Google Business Listing make sure you keep your roofer business address consistent with the details on your website. The details you enter are what will be displayed in the Local 3 Pack listing.

Be sure to enter the correct address, you will need to verify this by post, which of course leads to higher rankings once completed. A code will be sent to your address, you must enter it onto your account when it arrives.

Optimize Your Google Business Page

Now that you have your Google Business Page set up it is time to get it ranking, this can be done after you have verified your address. You must verify your Google Business Page to respond to customer reviews on Google, this is important.

To optimize the listing go ahead and complete the following tasks:

  1. Ensure NAP is consistent with your roofing website. The name, address, and phone number on your website should match the ones listed on your Google Business Listing. This enhances trust, so make sure they match up.
  2. Make sure you assign your services into clear categories, have everything you offer listed, and do not miss anything out. This is your chance to get all the services in front of more people for different search terms.
  3. Add a description of your business, keep in mind your keyword research data, and include everything in there that will enhance the listings for certain search phrases.
  4. Add photos of previous work done. Go ahead and attach photos of the recent roofing work that you have completed. This is also an opportunity to add photos of yourself and your staff, this is a great way to drive more traffic and get a high click-through rate.

Localized Links

It is imperative that your roofing website have quality niche related and localized links to get a top ranking for any keyword. These days it is more about quality over quantity, a quality link will come from a website related to yours. Earning backlinks from other local businesses in your area and other roofing websites signals to Google that your website is trusted, this will be reflected in your rankings.

A very easy way to earn backlinks from local websites where your business operates is to contribute to them in some, you must contact them and either make a donation or offer to help them in some way. Another way is to partner with other local businesses and even get out and do a press release. This will put your business out there and will result in localized links.


You must remember that you are not going to build backlinks yourself, you are going to promote your website across the said social media platforms. If you do this the right way the right people will see your website and you will earn quality links.

When these links are found by Google spiders crawl bots your site will gain reputation and authority in the roofing niche. Your roofing company will begin to climb the rankings as the links come in, the visitors will go up, the leads will rise and your customer acquisition rates will go through the roof.

Remember to stay active on the social platforms, post images, and videos of your work, this will build trust and also send traffic to your sales pages on your website. Be sure to join related Facebook groups and keep posting, the more you put into this the more you will get out at the back end.

Link Building

If your website receives a link from another website on the internet then it shows Google and other search engines that you are a trusted resource. These backlinks must come from different IPs, if they do not then it looks like you are building backlinks yourself, which is something that you must not do. These backlinks have more value/power if they are contextual and niche related, so backlinks from other roofing websites to your roofing website are very effective at pushing rankings higher.

The backlinks that point to your website will have more effect on improving rankings if they come from niche related websites. If the links are surrounded by high-quality niche related content they have more power too. If the links come from aged websites they hold a lot more influence too. These are all important factors to consider when link building, one quality backlink is a lot more effective than 10 low-quality backlinks, or even 100 low-quality backlinks.

The best way to get backlinks to your website is to earn them through writing quality content, or by providing highly rated roofing services. If you promote on social media and stay engaged your business and quality backlinks will grow rapidly. A good roofing SEO company will do this for you.

Use Business Directories For Promotion

It's not enough to just set up your social media accounts, you can also go ahead and claim your Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, and other business directory accounts. It is also good to find local directories, this will really help improve rankings for localized search terms.

You should also be aware that there are directories available specific to the roofing business, you should try and get listed on as many as possible. Some of these directories might require a small payment, many will be worth getting for a small fee if they are going to put you ahead of the competition.

Be careful when promoting your website, you should be looking at relevancy when backlinks are concerned, any old link will not do. Some links will hurt your rankings, be sure to earn links and not build them.

The best way to earn backlinks is to get out there and promote your roofing business on all social media platforms. This allows you to make connections with people in your area, in your niche, this is more important than anything. If you can create strong relationships with other businesses in your area it will help when it comes to earning links, they will come thick and fast.

Reach Out To Roofing Bloggers and VLoggers

A great way to get exposure in your niche is to connect with influencers in your niche, granted roofing is pretty niche-specific, but believe it or not, there are a lot of bloggers and vloggers out there acting in this niche. If you contact them via email and reach out with your content it is likely that they will backlink to your website at some point, especially if you have a good resource of roofing content material on your blog.

This way you are still earning backlinks, you are getting active and not waiting for them to come in, you are getting your roofing business noticed with the right people in your niche. Go ahead and contact blogger and vloggers, they will influence your rankings, it is worth the effort.

Produce Content for Other Websites

Another great way to earn backlinks is by writing informative content on all aspects regarding roofing and sharing it with other websites, some webmasters will publish your content on their website with the return of a backlink to your website. They get some high-quality free content, you earn a backlink from a niche related roofing website. Everyone is a winner on this one, it takes time, but will pay off big time when it comes to rankings.

To find blogs and vlogs in the roofing niche simply perform a Google or YouTube search, look for their contact details, and let them know you have some content for them. In most cases they will be happy to have the free content, this can yield some very good results.

Social Media

Social media engagement really does have an impact on SEO and rankings, even if it is just through people discovering your content to earn backlinks. Social media gives you an easy way to connect with people in your area, it also allows you to chat with potential customers privately and should always be part of your SEO strategy.

SEO For Roofers: Facebook

You can use pay per click advertising on Google, however, Facebook also has a similar option. You can pay Facebook to run ads on different areas of their page set up. You can pay for advertising in the main feed or at the side of the pages. You can target set areas and demographics, you can yield great results with this if you know what you are doing.

If you do not want to pay for advertising at this point, there is a free option. Go ahead and join as many Facebook groups as you can, niche related ones, and localized ones. You can post in the daily with mentions of your website, this is guaranteed to bring extra free traffic to your roofing website.

SEO For Roofers: Instagram

This is a great way for you to share your photos and videos of your previous work, get it out there. You can leave a link to your sign up pages from the posts to ensure you get as much traffic as possible from this avenue. These photos and videos will most definitely drive high converting traffic to your website, they have seen what you can do, they are ready to hire you.

SEO For Roofers: YouTube

In the roofing industry, it is imperative that you have a YouTube channel, it is a great way to show potential customers what you can do. Have one of your team dedicated to taking a GoPro on jobs with you, it will give you a chance to do "How To" tutorials as you work. Put the videos on YouTube using keywords in the Title and Description Tags and link back to your website, it will increase revenue by over 300%.

Remember that people will read the description of your videos, make sure you mention your roofing business, your website address, and any other details they need to contact you. This is a great way to build your brand, do not miss this opportunity to get more free traffic to your website. Remember that SEO is not just about getting traffic from the search engines, all other avenues must be utilized too.

For more roofer internet marketing tips take a look through our blog.

8. Roofers SEO: Frequently Asked Questions

Why Invest In Roofing SEO and Roofing Contractor Marketing?

So, what happens when a person discovers a leak in their roof? Most people hop on their phone or their PC and get onto Google and look for an emergency local roofer.

The number is high, some say it is around 80% of people do this. Now the Google searcher has to choose from the list.

If your roofing business is on display at the top you have a very big chance that you are going to get that lead from the search engines.

If you are clever and select the correct keywords then the people that land on your roofing website will be ready to pay you right away.

These people that type into Google "emergency roofer Whitby" are in need of a roofer right now, they are at the end of the sales cycle and are ready to give you their money. If you get this right and rank for the right keywords your business will become very successful.

The good thing is that people are searching for all kinds of roofing related keywords, not just emergency ones. There is sure to be something specific to what you offer, you can discover all of these phrases completely free of charge.

Be sure to build up your website with valuable content, even if it is just a one-page site. This will build trust, add images, add reviews, add knowledge, and the visitors will convert every time.

Your roofing website will become a lead generating machine if you do it right, roofing SEO is the way to get this done.

Is Roofer SEO A Good Investment?

Roofing SEO can yield big results in just a short space of time. A few strategically placed changes to your content and your traffic can skyrocket overnight.

Everything in the guide here takes time, and this is something that you must invest in to get any results. The pay off will be massive if you select the right keywords to target.

How Long Will Roofer SEO Take?

This really depends on the keywords that you choose to target and whether or not your roofing website already has rankings. If your site is already placed quite high on the search engines then a few on-page changes can get results in days.

Brand new content focused around high search volume keywords can take anywhere between 1 month and 3 months to rank top. We ranked this page for the keyword "roofer SEO" number 1 in just 3 weeks. This was done with the content alone, no backlinks were required, we can do the same for your roofing website. We are amazing at writing unique in-depth content that ranks top.

As the authority of your roofing website builds rankings will become a lot faster, new content will index and rank on page 2 of the SERPs without anything is done. After a bit of promotion is complete the site will rank top in weeks.

How To Measure SEO for roofers Results?

It is important to know how your changes have had an impact on your rankings, this way you can keep moving on until you hit the top. The success of any SEO campaign will be judged by improved rankings and traffic.

All you have to do is keep track of your roofing keyword rankings, you can use free online tools to get this done. Keep in mind that your main goal is to get more leads and to turn them into paying customers, this will go hand in hand with improved rankings and the traffic your roofing website receives.

If you have just started out improving your roofer SEO then use free tools to check your rankings, you can do a simple Google search to find them. Rank Tracker by SEO Power Suite is a great free tool you can download and use right now.

How To Increased Organic Traffic with Roofing Marketing?

With increased traffic, you will realize that your roofer SEO efforts are paying off. You can see your traffic stats in your Google Webmaster Tools Account. If you notice a particular page performing better than others ask yourself why? Then make sure that the page is well optimized to turn those leads into sales.

How to Get More Sales with Roofing Lead Generation?

As your traffic increased your leads and sale will go up and up. The time you have spent on roofer SEO will be paying off and you will be looking at even more ways to get even more traffic and leads off your website.

Setting up a Google Analytics Account will help you keep track of visitors, where they are going, and how they have behaved on your roofing website. This tool is great for measuring your roofer SEO efforts.

Keep in mind that analytics data is not always accurate. I have one website where Google Analytics told me that people spend an average of 2 minutes on my website. In reality, when I look at the live chat feature on the website visitors are spending at least 30 minutes on the site.

What Is Roofing SEO?

Roofing SEO is a way to adopt a strategy for your roofing website to show higher up in the search engine results pages for important search queries related to your roofing business.

Why Is a Roofing SEO Company Needed?

To make this as clear as possible we can run through an example; say your main focus keyword is "roofer in Scarborough North Yorkshire". If your roofing website was top for that keyword it would lead to more customer inquiries.

If your website is optimized the right way then it will turn that extra traffic into paying customers. SEO will increase brand exposure all over the internet, you can rank top for lots of keywords related to your local roofing business.

SEO has a very high probability of giving you a return on your investment into it because people are coming from the search engines looking for your business services and looking to buy, they are ready to give you their money, your website just needs to be there. If you are in the game then you have the chance to be in front of them, the first step is the have a roofing website designed, then it can be optimized for a top ranking.

How To Get Traffic From The Search Engines?

You should be aware that Google is without any doubt the most used search engine, according to online sources it has a whopping 86.86% of the search market share. It is clear where your efforts should be focused on. Everything you do here will help your roofing website appear higher on the search results pages.

The search engine algorithms are always changing and in most cases are improving. but the main intent is always there and will always be the same forever. That is to deliver the best content/solution at the top of the results pages for the searcher. You must keep this in mind as you develop your content for your roofing website.

What will always work?

Google and all other major search engines will always rank sites by the content quality and backlinks. Other data that they use to determine whether a site is good for a particular keyword is user behavior like how long they spend on the site and how they behave on the site. This is why site architecture is so important when it comes to ranking too.

Understand these few basic things ensures you will get to the top and get all that relevant traffic to your roofing website.

Of course, a search engine's algorithm goes much deeper than that, but those are the main points you need to be aware of. Here are the main things to keep in mind as you do an SEO audit of your roofing website:

  • Search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, etc) want to show the most relevant content at the top for any search query. The content must solve the searcher's problem.
  • The search engine spiders crawl your website and analyze the Meta Data and content body to determine what the main focus is. This means your main keywords must be in the content.
  • A backlink is a vote for your website, this means other website owners also think your content is great on that subject. If they use your keyword as the anchor text then you will rank higher for that search term.

The search engines are always altering and adding other ways that they assess websites, here are some extra things to consider:

  • Visitor behavior. This means how long they stay on your sites, how many pages they visit, and if they bounce back to the results pages to view other websites on the same subject matter.
  • As more people use phones and tablets for surfing the net you must have a responsive website that looks and works well on mobile devices too.
  • A website must load quickly, if not visitors will hit the back button and your bounce rate will skyrocket.
  • How much quality content your website holds. Is it an amazing resource on the subject? Make sure you utilize internal links to pass the search crawl spiders to these pages within your website.

Those are the main ranking factors, however, there are thousands more, but they are not as significant as the ones mentioned above.

In most cases regarding roofing keywords ranking is very easy, especially for local search terms. Roofing websites can rank top with quality of well-optimized content alone, without the need for backlinks.

It's good to know that if you get the basics of roofing SEO correct you will outrank the competition, in most cases they will be missing a trick or two. The SEO strategies and tricks detailed here will help your roofing business get more traffic from the search engine results pages.

SEO for Roofers - How To Triple Your Turnover?

A small investment in SEO can take your roofing business from zero to nonstop work overnight. A few on-page tweaks can have a big impact and mean huge profits for you, it can completely change your life.

A top-ranking is achievable no matter how competitive your local roofing market is right now, you just need to have that experience in knowing what is needed.

We have built and worked on so many roofing websites across the world we have lost count, our success rates are very high and you will be the next one. Our motto is to never quit, if you quit then you fail, and we never fail.

If you want your roofing business to the top then you know what to do, our SEO strategies get results, so get in touch right now to get started. We have the proof that what we do works, and if you need to see proven results do not be afraid to get in touch with us on live chat right now.

Why is SEO for Roofing Companies Required?

The trends of consumers searching for local tradesmen online is getting greater year on year. It is known that 93% of consumers used the internet to find local businesses, that includes roofers like yourself. You do not want to miss out on this huge slice of pie.

Roofing companies need to be looking towards having a well-optimized website, this will make them available to online searchers.

Being in the game is everything, if you are not using the power of SEO then we believe you are not even in the game. Hiring us will not only get you in the game, you will be winning.

So, you already have a well-established roofing company through word of mouth and from years or business, but going forward you need to adapt, and that means SEO.

With the implementation of SEO, your brand will grow even further and will boost further your local reputation.

How Does Roofing SEO Differ From Regular SEO?

Roofer SEO requires a more local stance, this includes local area citations and local social media marketing to impact rankings.

A roofing website must have certain aspects featured on every page, this includes reviews and contact details including MAP embeds. This is something that would not be required from a regular website that is not in the roofing industry.

We have a particular interest in roofing websites, we have compiled an exact strategy that pushes high rankings quickly.

The leads are generated through careful online reputation management keeping a careful eye on customer reviews, with huge trust comes many sales. This is exactly what we will bring to the table.

We have got roofers to the top of their local area through perfect content and keyword placement, perfect website design optimized for high client capture rates and perfect NAP citations throughout.

How is Roofer SEO Changing?

As more and more roofers enter the online world it is changing in that more work is required to get ahead. This is why it is so important to get started as soon as possible, to make your competitors play catch up, and not you.

To get ahead roofers really need to focus on local areas and move out, even if you are operating a nationwide roofing business.

Going for highly localized and highly targeted search terms ensures customers are very likely to hit the sign up button. We know what keywords turn visitors into customers, this comes from much experience.

SEO for roofers involves first and foremost picking out the right keywords, this is so important to ensure success. We know how to get you quick traffic in a few days from locating and pushing keywords that your roofing business is already ranking for.

We will optimize your Google Business Page and ensure your brand is featured at the top in the local 3 snack pack. This will get you more leads not just from your website, but over the phone too.

What SEO Requirements are for Roofers?

Roofing companies that are already spending a lot on offline marketing can cut down on those costs when they get into SEO.

We provide SEO services for contractors and roofing companies worldwide, the starting requirements are minimal. All you need is a roofing business idea, even if it's not up and running, we can build your website for you. We will cover everything from start to finish.

Through over 20 years of working in the SEO industry and working with roofers worldwide, we have become the very best in the field, the only option.

The roofing industry requires a certain marketing angle that we have nailed down to a fine art. Each and every step is worthwhile and will bring amazing results to your business, we can only get one roofing business top in each local area, therefore we only work with one roofing company per area, so make sure you have us on your side before your competitors do.

The perfect SEO strategy for a roofing company includes many elements, we cover them all and know exactly what to do to ensure a top search engine ranking is achieved. We also know what should not be done, which can have a negative impact on rankings.

Our SEO services include the following elements:

  • Meta Data: Very high click-through rates achieved from perfectly written Title and Description Tags.
  • Content: Perfectly crafted well-optimized content, including target keywords in the body content, Image Alt Tags, and page headings.
  • Site Architecture: Internal linking to make sure website visitors convert into customers.
  • Off-Site Work: Promotion around the net in all the local places, including social media and high traffic websites.

A roofers website should be filled with the target keywords, the keywords should not be used too many times and should be placed within headings and image file names and Alt Tags. This will ensure an optimized website ready for a high ranking.

Opting to use us as your SEO service provider ensures everything that is listed above will be taken care of to the very highest level.

We don't lose focus on the fact that you need to get a massive return on your investment with us, we will bring in more roofing leads than you can handle.

We will ensure your website is mobile and desktop friendly, ensure it is fast loading and safe to use completely virus-free. This will make sure you get leads from Google and the other major search engines completely on auto-pilot.

You will wake up to more emails and leads than you can handle, we will manage this for you to ensure reviews stay excellent and the brand goes from good to great and then to greater.

What does Roofer SEO entail?

Roofer SEO is work done on and off a roofing website. The work on the website means writing and optimizing content for the highly targeted keywords. This will ensure your website ranks at the top of the search engine results pages. The off-site work involves the promotion of your website across other websites, this includes social media. We will also make sure your Google Business Page is well optimized for a top local 3 pack ranking.

How can SEO help a roofer's website?

Roofing contractors can benefit from SEO services as their website will rank higher in the search engines for selected keywords. A high ranking will bring the roofing website more traffic, if the website is also optimized for visitors it will convert highly and lead to increased customers. A good thing about our SEO services is that they are a one-off payment each month, they are not very high costs and the return will be more than you spend.

What is the best Roofing SEO strategy?

There are two main elements to any roofing SEO strategy. The whole process is broken down into on-site and off-site SEO. The work on-site includes content optimization and technical aspects, which include helping speed up the website load times. Off-site work involves promotion to other websites and social media.

What Is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is done through changes made on and off-site to improve rankings for keywords (search terms people enter into Google).

As a website climbs the rankings it will receive more visitors from the search engines namely Google and Bing. Websites are placed based on the search engine's algorithm, giving the search the most relevant website at the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Keywords have different search volumes each and every month, being ranked high for roofing search phrases like "best roofing contractor" will bring more traffic and leads to your roofing website.

How Can SEO Improve Your Roofing Website?

SEO for roofing companies will improve your roofing website rankings and help you understand keywords and how to get a return on your investment. Choosing highly targeted search terms will not only increase traffic significantly but will also turn those extra leads into paying customers. Taking care when choosing keywords can make a big difference in the ranking time scale, going for search phrases like "top roofing contractors" and "best roofers near me" will be in traffic, but being more highly targeted like adding your area in there will lead to higher conversions.

Higher rankings from SEO bring better brand recognition which in turn brings more trust. More trust leads to increased conversions, the traffic will go and the inquiries will soar beyond anything you could imagine. SEO will also help you provide a great visitor experience on your website, knowing how to deliver what they need and to get them what they want is essential to rankings and customer satisfaction all round.

Be aware that the majority of Google and Bing users click on the top 5 ranking sites, if you sit below that then the traffic is very thin indeed. This is why it is crucial that your roofing business invests in SEO, even if you do it in the house to save money. Being at the top of the SERPs takes effort and daily work, this is why it is good to factor in the use of an SEO agency like us. The return on your outlay can be seen right away, in many cases, traffic will increase overnight.

Will SEO Take Time To See Results?

SEO should always be an ongoing process, even when you hit the top you need to keep going, there is always another roofing website looking to take your place. They are many variables at play when it comes to rankings, but with a few on-site changes you can see results within a few days, and in some cases overnight. The key to success comes down to picking battles that you can win, which means discovering keywords that can be cracked in weeks. More competitive search terms will take around 3 to 6 months to get results.

A content strategy will always take time to set up, but this done the right way will yield amazing results in the long term and is very much so worth the wait. SEO can turn a business from very little to many riches in fast time. A good online marketing strategy for roofers will include SEO and other channels for traffic, which includes social media promotion.

As a roofing business hit the 3 to 6-month mark implementing SEO they have noticed a huge spike in traffic, in many cases our clients see a 350% increase in that time period. This in turn brings in many extra clients, the return really does outweigh the costs of SEO. Roofing SEO will always get results if it is done the right way and you have selected the right keywords to target. There will never be a point when you can't increase traffic to your roofing website, the use of social media makes this endless in many avenues.

Will I Get A Return On My Investment?

The ROI (return on investment) after using SEO services really depends on the roofing SEO company that you select. This boils down to their SEO service cost and your service costs. You can calculate your return on investment by knowing your target keyword search volumes and your website conversion rates. Spending hundreds of dollars on SEO will most definitely bring in many new customers each month worth much more than you have spent.

Depending on your keywords, when SEO has done its job at the 3-month mark you will be getting hundreds more leads each and every month. Imagine how much extra money you will be making, this will be life-changing.

Our SEO services are very reasonably priced to ensure you get a return on your investment within the first 4 weeks. After you start getting the extra traffic and customers it's profit from then on in.

Can You Track The Results Of SEO Work?

It is possible to track the result of search engine optimization for you to know that your roofing SEO campaign is paying off. The easiest way is to track your keyword rankings, there is many free tools you can use to do this online. You can measure keyword rankings every day to see the effects of your SEO work. Your roofing business will see the website going up the rankings each day.

The rank tracking results give you an idea of what has worked and what needs to be done to improve your SEO strategy. This allows you to make changes each and every day to ensure your strategy stays on top and going in the right direction. Any good roofing SEO company will give you daily ranking reports.

Do not be afraid to get started, in some cases rankings will dance a lot during the initial period. But, as the work continues your roofing website will steadily rise up the rankings and organic traffic will grow.

As the rankings go up and the traffic rises your leads will increase, you will receive more email and phone calls about your services. Then it is your job to turn them into customers, which will not be very difficult as they will be ready to buy after reading your well laid out website.

It is super important to have content that matches your Title and Description Tags, this means time on your site will be high and bounce rates will below. With a carefully placed call to action buttons, your leads will be at an all-time high.

With increased rankings and online reputation management, your roofing business will become the go-to roofing company in your area, roofer SEO experts will ensure your reviews are good and your online ratings are amazing right across the board.

How Does Google Rank Roofing Websites?

If you are going to work on SEO for your roofing website you must understand how and why Google ranks websites higher than others. Google places the most relevant websites at the top of the SERPs for any given keyword. You must make sure your keywords are placed in your website content to ensure Google Bot understands that this is what your website is about.

A simple way to get started is to head on over to the Google search engine and to type in your roofing company keywords. These keywords will be something like "roofing contractor in New York" or "New Jersey roofing company" or even "roof repair services in Scarborough". The big question is, does your website show your keywords in the search engine results pages? If it is ranking low down or does not show at all then you need to make some changes to your roofing website.

To get started on any SEO project you need to spend a lot of time on keyword research, this is very important. Before you start using any keyword research tool you will need to start to write down some seed keywords that people might use to find your services on Google.

The search engine results pages are broken down into sections, this is something you need to understand before you start the keyword research process. When you perform a search on Google you will notice the following parts to it:

  • Adverts
  • Local 3 Pack
  • Featured Snippet
  • Organic Search Results
  • Searches Related To Your Search Phrase

You can show at the top part of the SERPs if you are willing to pay for advertising. However, this area can get very expensive, and usually, traffic is costly and even though will be highly targeted will be more expensive and show a lower return than the results of SEO work.

The local 3 pack goes hand in hand with SEO work, your website and Google Business Page will appear in this section if well optimized. This is a great thing for roofing lead generation as the area shows customer reviews and call to action buttons that convert very highly. When you get in this area the traffic is free and consistent, you will have more customers than you can handle.

Underneath the local 3 pack, there is sometimes an area called the featured snippet, other SEO professionals refer to it as the zero listings. You can get a website in this area of the SERPs with careful placement of keywords within your body content.

The main area of the SERPs is referred to as the organic search results, these are another free way to get a consistent flow of traffic if your website is SEO ready. These listings come down to the Google spider, it must discover great content on your site filled with your target keywords.

If you want to check the rankings of your roofing business to know that your efforts are paying off you can use a free tool from SEO Powersuite, which is called Rank Tracker.

To get started simply download the software and enter your website URL and keywords. You will also need to select your local Google, then you can hit the rankings button. You will then discover where your roofing website is ranking, you should take note of the rankings in a document to keep track of the website going up for your selected search terms.

When you are checking your rankings on Google you must keep in mind that the traffic goes to the top 5 ranking sites. If you get into the local 3 map your traffic will increase significantly. Having rankings in all sections of the search results pages will help generate more leads. Google searchers now skip the advertising section to get to the real results, that is where your roofing website needs to be.

How To Build Trust - Turn Leads Into Paying Customers?

Another great way to build trust with the website visitor is to have a photo of you and your team members. This will also be backed up with pictures of recent work done and also customer reviews. One of the biggest trust-building ways is to show videos of customers leaving a review of your services. This is why it is important to have a YouTube channel for your business, not just for traffic, but to build trust in your brand and business.

Any roofing certificates should also be clearly displayed, anything that you have that can build trust you must have in clear view. If you have had great reviews on Facebook or Twitter, then have these feeds onto your website. All of this is very important, if you do this right you will convert just about every visitor that lands on your website.

As the reader of your roofing website flows through the photos of recent work, the customer reviews, and videos they will keep coming across buttons giving them the options to book a quote or to pay for your services. Visitors will convert at different stages, you must give them the chance to go through and convert at every possible stage on the web page. Think that visitors are lazy, make sure it is easy for them and you will have very high conversion rates.

Please keep in mind that your roofing business can receive feedback on many different platforms. Some of these review platforms include Facebook, Google, and Yelp. be sure to check through them and put the good reviews onto your web pages for potential customers to read. To help build trust state where and when the review was placed, also include a link to open the review in a new browser tab. This will help the visitor know that these reviews are not fake.

Are You Ready To Triple Your Sales with Roofers SEO?

We work with roofers all over the world located in the UK, USA, Australia, China, everywhere. Go and check other roofer SEO services, they are a lot more costly than us and do not deliver as good as us, we have the proof.

We are offering a free online chat consultation, we could charge $2000 for this alone, however, it is free to you today right now. Get is on live chat right now to get started, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Any roofing SEO strategy implemented the way we have suggested here in this guide will increase leads and sales for your roofing business. SEO will help brand exposure in the area where you operate your roofing services and will lead more people to contact you and turn into paying customers. Higher rankings lead to more traffic, which ultimately leads to more sales and money in your bank account.

A well planned SEO campaign as outlined here will pay off big time, we have seen struggling roofing business turn things around completely in just a few weeks from the use of SEO services. Roofer marketing experts implementing SEO campaigns for people in the roofing industry can put them ahead in terms of financial freedom. You can handle your search engine optimization yourself, but you must be prepared to work at it every day.

You can contact us right now on live chat for a free consultation, we can even talk you through a strategy for your roofing business for you to implement yourself. If you choose to use us we work meticulously to get your roofing business ranked top in your local area, you can take all those leads from your competitors.

Any Other Aspects In Roofer SEO to Consider?

Getting the on-page SEO elements right will get you results quickly. But, there are other parts of roofer SEO that you might want to take into consideration including:

  • Worldwide roofer SEO: If you want to rank for general roofer keywords that have a worldwide scope you will need to be focused on an aggressive off-page strategy. These keywords will be very competitive.
  • Local SEO for Roofers: Local keywords are much less competitive from an SEO standpoint and results can be achieved in days, rather than months.

App Ranking: If you have an app for your roofing website having it appear high in the app store will generate more traffic. This can be achieved through well-written Title and Descriptions.

How to Bring In Highly Targeted High Converting Leads?

Building your roofing brand online will bring in revenue over and over again, anything that you do regarding the promotion will not be a waste of time.

A website with well written and well-placed content will covert customers with ease, your conversion rates when targeting certain keywords could be as high as 90%.

Let's take a look at an example of how targeted roofer SEO can be. Say that you are a roofing company located in York and you offer storm damage roofing services.

Now, would it be better to call up customers not knowing even if they have had any storm damage to their house, or have them coming from the SERPs having searched for storm damage roofers located in York?

These searchers are looking in your area for the exact service you offer, they are searching because they need your service, they are ready to buy right now. So, it is better to be placed high in the SERPs for these keywords to gain customers rather than cold calling. Your time and efforts in SEO here are much more rewarding.

There are certain things you must consider when optimizing and promoting your roofing business online:

  • High Rankings: This allows property owners to discover your roofing website much more easily.
  • Reviews: The has an impact on the way people view your brand, place good reviews on your main website pages.
  • Social: Anywhere your brand can be exposed online is a must-have, make sure your social pages are accessible from your website.
  • Video: Create a useful YouTube channel, even if it's just to showcase customer reviews. These videos placed on your website will be a powerful tool for converting visitors into paying customers.

Does Your Roofing SEO strategy work?

The very start of any good SEO strategy needs to be keyword research. Your roofing website will only show in the search engine results pages if the keywords are featured on your web pages. Therefore you must carefully select the keywords you want to target for your local roofing business.

At the end of the day, any marketing plan will only be successful if your visitors play ball. To ensure rankings improve and remain high your website must be highly focused on your target demographic areas. This way visitors will stay on your site, interact and not return to the SERPs and sign worst, sign up with a competitor and not you.

You will already have a very good idea about your target audience, you know what they want and how much they will pay for your services. Knowing all this helps formulate a strategy for discovering the right keywords to target to ensure website dwell time is high and conversion rates and even higher.

A poor keyword research campaign will pick out and target search terms like "cheap roofer in Whitby" when your demographic is not too price-focused, you need people that want to buy and need a good job done. A roofing company that wants to target the low end of the buyer spectrum would go for a "cheap" orientated keyword suggestion.

When you have finally honed in and selected those all-important keywords you can begin to work on ranking your roofing website for them. This way you can target keywords that are going to bring you a great return on your investment in SEO. Look for high search volume keywords that have a decent monthly search volume.

It is very easy to rank keywords that are localized, this means that you will have your location within the search phrase. An example of local keywords are:

  1. The top roofing company in York
  2. Roofers in North Yorkshire
  3. Roofing Services in South East London
  4. Roofers in North Carolina

These types of keywords are long tail and are going to have the lowest possible competition from an SEO point of view.

A low SEO competition means there are fewer roofer websites showing in the search engine results pages for these terms. Less competition ensures you have a better opportunity to appear at the top sooner.

Also, with long-tail keywords, the traffic is more specific, which means they are much more likely to convert into a customer. Say that you want to rank top for the keyword "top roofer" then the competition would be stronger and it is too general, therefore are less likely to convert. This is why we always state that keyword research is the most important aspect of SEO, do it correctly and you will succeed with much less hassle.

It is much easier to rank for localized keywords because you can have your location listed on your website, this can be verified with Google through your Google Business Page, which of course will lead to higher rankings. This makes ranking much faster and a lot easier. Pick the quick and easy keywords and you can drive lots of high converting traffic to your roofing website in weeks, sometimes days if you already have content and a website in place.

Will I get More Leads From SEO?

Getting more customers goes hand in hand with SEO. The roofing industry now uses search engine optimization to push more low-cost traffic to a website, in turn getting more customers.

A roofing company website will first get more leads from the search engines, a great site that has been thought out will correct call to action placements will turn these leads into paying customers.

It is also good to know that in 2021 almost every roofer contractor will be online in some way, even if it is just a Facebook page. They are there, and you need to be too.

The fact that it is competitive now confirms that it will get even more competitive in the future, making it very important that you get started on your SEO campaign right away.

A successful marketing strategy in this modern era must include SEO to avoid going out of business, if not now, but in a few years' time.

Roofer lead generation becomes possible through SEO in the following ways:

  • Social Media: Have all specific pages set up for your roofing business on all platforms. This must include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest at a bare minimum.
  • Organic Search Result Pages: Be in the top 5 organic search results to get more traffic and customers.
  • Local Pack: With perfect NAP citations and Google Business Page set up your business will get more phone calls from the local 3 pack featured at the top of the SERPs.
  • Featured Snippets: We know how to write content to get it featured at the top of SERPs in this zero position.

How SEO shows a better return than PPC?

Well, it is best to have SEO and PPC (pay per click) working together. The paid results show above organic search results, if your roofing business shows in both, the trust to the potential client is boosted quite significantly and ensures they are more likely to convert into a paying customer.

Roofers will be able to set up a strategy using PPC and SEO together, with PPC you can calculate your cost for each visitor. With the knowledge of your website conversion rate, it is incredibly powerful. It means you can calculate that you can ensure you can a return on your investment in paid advertising on Google and Bing.

How To Put SEO Into Action?

Roofer SEO can be as big a task as you make it, every aspect takes time but essentially each step is very easy.

If you spend the most time on your planning and keyword research you will yield really good results. Pick out your battles wisely and results will come a lot faster than expected.

To help you prepare to get started working through the roofer SEO strategy take all of the listed steps into consideration.

What is the Best Strategy for Digital Marketing?

Optimization for any website is an ongoing process, the search results landscape is always changing. We use specific tools that notify us if any of your competitors make changes to their website, this way we can make arrangements for that.

Selecting the right keywords is essential, some have very low monthly search volumes, while others have very high search volumes. We have the tools that not only tell us these figures but also give us a competition score from an SEO standpoint.

Well written Title and Description tags on a roofing website will enhance clicks from the search engines, a higher click-through rate means a higher ranking. Other elements to consider are bounce rates and visitor times spend on the website.

Great content and well-placed calls to action ensure visitors do not bounce back to the SERPs and will stay on your website for a long time.

Roofers have to be aware that well-placed contact forms, call to action buttons and previous customer feedback must feature on the homepage. Stunning yet small image sizes are important too, images make the site look good and professions, the small image sizes help them load faster. Every element has to be considered.

A roofers marketing strategy for SEO purposes must include:

  • Market Research: This involves discovering roofing keywords, ones that a website is already ranking for, and new ones.
  • Site Architecture: A well put together website to filter visitors through to the sign-up pages and lead to more conversions.
  • Content: The content has to be produced to SEO standards involving keyword placement in headings and the all-important MetaData.
  • Promotion: Off-site promotion is needed to gain brand recognition across social media and other channels like news sites via a press release.

If your business needs more roofing leads then you must engage in SEO, either by yourself or using an agency like us. A high ranking equals more traffic and customers, this is achieved through all aspects of SEO. We can develop your roofing website from the ground up, making it fully optimized as we go, completely ready to take the market by storm.

Your roofing business will become a lead generation powerhouse in your local area, your competitors will want to know how you did it, and we are the answer.

What Are The Main Aspects of SEO for Roofers?

Like we have already pointed out, the most important aspect of any SEO campaign is keyword research. This then needs to go hand in hand with the website development and design to maximize visitors into paying customers.

The keywords placed strategically across the roofing website will help with higher placement in the SERPs. Another important aspect is to ensure NAP citations are consistent across the website and other sites used for promotion across the web.

We will make sure your visitors have the best possible experience on your roofing website, this helps turn them into a customer. A fast loading site that leads them through the funnel into a phone call or email capture works best.

Here are some other aspects that need to be looked at to achieve perfect website optimization:

  • title tag: Must completely reflect the on-page content, give the visitor what they expect to see, and most importantly solve the problem they have.
  • Load Speed: The site needs to load very quickly, a slow loading site will almost certainly lose your visitors and leads.
  • Funnels: Once the visitor is on the website they need to be guided to make a call or to give you their email. The visitors mean nothing without converting them into leads.
  • Conversions: There must be very clear calls to action to ensure the visitor can convert into a customer, if you can have a way for them to pay right away on the site, then it must be there.

With everything in place, your roofing website will not only hit the first page of Google, but it will also hit the #1 spot.

As the owner of a roofing website, it is super important to take website design into consideration, it is most definitely part of our SEO strategy.

We will help you either build a great converting website from scratch or help develop an existing site to become a sales machine.

The search engine spiders require keyword-rich fast-loading sites that offer value, the site must solve the searcher's problem. We give the bots what they want, which is rewarded with a top keyword ranking.

A marketing strategy really is different for each tradesman out there. A roofer needs to take a different approach to others, for example, posting in niche related Facebook groups helps with promotions.

It is also noted that one roofer has different specialist services to others, which will require a different sign-up procedure on the website. We know what services are offered in the roofing industry and how this impacts website design. We have designed thousands of sites worldwide in this niche and have always got great results from happy clients to top rankings.

SEO is one way in this digital age to take your business to the next level. Get it right and it is a license to print money, and if you work with us you will believe that. Other roofing companies will be behind you in terms of design and promotion, we take great pride in making sure everything is just right. We develop super looking websites designed for top search engine placement. Local roofers can take control of their own area with our help, no other roofing business will even be an option when we get started on your marketing campaign. Your website will look amazing and your brand reputation will be higher than ever. You are guaranteed meticulous attention to every detail, so if you are a contractor looking to get started in SEO and change provider then we are definitely the best option.

How Much Does Roofer SEO Cost?

This depends on the roofing SEO company price, here at we have three packages. The packages are based on how many keywords that you have. The first package is $300, the second package is $500, and the third package is $1000.

How To Do SEO for Local Roofers?

Even if your roofing company operates in a wide area it will be good to look at local SEO for some quick wins. This means you will need to localize your keywords and have these set out on their own page on your website. So you would target an area per page of your roofing website. If you have any more questions you can get us on live chat, contact us by email,  or take a look at our FAQ section.

9. Choose A Good Roofing SEO Company

If you want your roofing company to get ahead and stay ahead then SEO for roofers needs to be looked at right now. There is a lot to do, a good roofing SEO company will cover everything that we have mentioned in this strategy here. Work must be done on your website on a daily basis, this includes social media engagement.

If you do choose to hire a roofing SEO company take note of their prices, you can work out your return on your investment based on this data and your monthly search volumes, and your roofing service prices. Some roofing marketing companies look for quick routes to success and this can lead to your website getting penalized by Google, be careful which company you choose to go with.

You do not want an SEO company building links for you, this goes against Google Webmaster Guidelines and will get your website penalized. Choose a roofing SEO company that will do SEO the right way, this means high-quality content and good promotion around the net through relevant outreach and social media.

There is a lot to take in when it comes to SEO for roofers, however, if you stick to the SEO strategy outlined here using the free tools on offer you can achieve great keyword rankings for yourself. If you choose to use our services we will help you find the most profitable keywords for your roofing business to ensure you get a great return on your investment into roofers SEO with us. We will cover everything mentioned here and a lot more, it is well worth the spend. The work needs to be done daily, let the experts do it for you while you concentrate on the roofing work.

Hire SEO for Roofing Companies

Many roofers will not have the time to work on their website every day, especially the one or two-person operations. This is when you really do need to consider hiring an SEO expert to enhance roofing lead generation, some work solely in the roofing industry.

From experience it is not a good idea to use roofer SEO freelancers, you can try them but you will come back here after they have not got you any results. If you skimp on the cost the whole work that is needed will not be done. Our packages are very affordable and we include everything mentioned here and more.

We have been working on roofing websites for a very long time and have achieved amazing results for many clients, take a look at our SEO case study for roofers section for more details. Roofer SEO companies that can't prove what they have done should be left alone.

If you decide to do the work yourself be sure to track your rankings, this will keep you focused on what needs to be done and reveal what is working and what is not. Always log the changes that you make, this will help you reverse things if rankings do not go the way you like.

If you go for the right keyword you can get results overnight, just from making some small changes to your content. Make the changes yourself and get in touch with us to check them over for you, we are only too happy to help.

The competition will be evolving online and you need to do the same, it is never too late to start, the sooner the better. A roofing business needs to take SEO on board and embrace every aspect to get the full effects. This can completely change your business into a powerhouse, the work is well worth it and if you choose a good roofing SEO company they will see you get a return on your investment into SEO. Before you hire a roofing SEO company make sure your read through their customer testimonials.

What's Next?

Now that you have been through the full guide you now know a lot about roofer SEO and what you need to do to get top rankings and more roofer leads. But, what should you do now?

Hire The Best Roofing Contractor Marketing Agency

Search Engine Optimization and roofing contractor marketing is an ongoing process and if you decide to do it yourself to save money at some point you will become too busy to do it, this is where you can hire a reputable roofer SEO company to do it for you.

If you do roofing SEO yourself it can and will become very time consuming, in some cases roofing webmasters have come to us because they have made mistakes and have lost rankings, we have turned things around for them.

If you choose to use and our SEO for roofing companies services we will ensure we get you enough traffic to pay for our work and a whole lot more. In the end, you will have much more work than you can handle, and if you are ambitious enough you can grow your roofing team and make even more money. If you want to read more about us and read about our team take a look around the site.

If you want to have the full impact of roofer SEO then we can help get it done, we have done it over and over again for many clients.

We solely work with roofers, we know this niche inside out and know how to get results quickly. We will triple your sales in the first month from increased organic search engine traffic.

Get in touch if you have any questions about this guide, we are on live chat, phone, and email waiting for you. We are happy to help at any time.

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