How A Roofing Contractor Tripled Sales

How A Roofing Contractor Tripled Sales In 2 Weeks with Our Help

Every roofing contractor wants to grow their business, the fastest way to get it done is through a website, and online marketing. One very happy roofing contractor used our Roofer SEO services to do just that. We got them results in just 2 weeks, movements were seen fast in 24 hours with just a few on-page changes and content added.

The TA Roofing and Cleaning services had the same problem many roofing businesses have, their company is aged yet their online prescience is poor.

This roofing contractor were working with another roofing SEO agency before they came to use, they were not getting any results at all. They wanted more, and discovered us, got in touch and the rest is history.

The roofing contractor wanted to take their work load to the next level, we did not disappoint.

This roofing business already had a good off-line prescience, they are well known in the area they operated. However, their market share was going down day by day as new players were taking clients from them in the online space. As time goes on this becomes more and more the case.

So, we advised them to take our medium roofer SEO package “Tooled Up” after the initial chat on our live chat facility. This is because we noticed their website was already ranking for 14 keywords, they just did not know it.

After sign up we set up their SEO dashboard and assigned them one of our account managers.

The 14 ranked keywords were on Google page 3 and 4, we set out a content development strategy for them, which was logged on the SEO dashboard. After it was approved we got to work optimizing and writing content for the pages.

We had the content and the pages fully optimized 2 days after sign up, we went into the site (clients can make the changes themselves if they don’t want us in their site) and got them changed.

In less than 7 days we had all target keyword showing on page 1 of Google, but that was not the end. We wanted all the keywords top, we saw some more traffic and they got more leads in a week.

In week 2 we started the online promotion on social media, the backlinks came in and within 2 weeks we have hit Google number 1 for 6 out of the 14 keywords. This work tripled their sales in just 2 weeks.

How We Did It

These selected keywords were long tail keywords with area/locations within them. The competition from an SEO standpoint was low, so with decent content and a little promotion results can be delivered quickly.

The trick is to have the pages optimized, with added content and then to have Google recrawl your site to record the changes and make those all important rank improvements in the SERPs. This can be done in your Google Webmaster Account.

Ranking Tips

Google loves high quality content, if you add the content and optimize it for your target keywords rankings can be improved quickly.

Tip #1 – Look At Your Competitors Content

Go to Google and search for your target keyword. Now look at the content that is on the top 10 sites. These sites are top for a reason, it is because of their content and their backlinks.

In most cases, with long tail keywords the top ranking sites will not have any backlinks and will be ranking high with high quality content alone.

So, you need to go ahead and emulate what the top ranking sites are doing, go above and beyond what they have and you will rank top. Remember Google wants to show the site top that answers the searchers question, solves their problem.

Tip #2 – Keyword Placement

After you have created better content than the top 10 sites, it is now time to optimize it for a top ranking.

The key is to use emotionally charged words in your Meta Data to encourage clicks from the search engines. Make sure your keywords are in the Title and Description Tags.

The next step is to ensure your main focus keyword is placed at the top, in the middle and at the bottom of your content. Then scatter any long tail variations around the content. Make sure it reads well as this will contribute to a top ranking.

After that, go ahead and make sure the keywords feature in the page headings. The H1 tag and H2 tag should include the main focus keyword. Use long tail variations in H3 to H6 Tags. Also add the main keyword to one image ALT TAG.

Tip #3 – Call To Action

Throughout the content needs to be clear call to action buttons. Why is this so important?

Well we use call to action buttons to get the website visitors through your website, this ensures your bounce rate is low. This tells the search engines that your website has solved the searchers problem, which of course leads to higher rankings.

Also, go ahead and use internal links to other pages on your website wherever possible, this is another chance to keep visitors on your website and increase page views and time on your site.

Tip #4 – Other Ranking Factors

To ensure your new content hits the top make sure you test the load speed and make sure it is mobile friendly. You can use free tools online supplied by Google services to get this done, just Google search for them.

It is also important to have your website secure, you must get an SSL certificate, they are not expensive and will keep your clients data safe.

Everything listed here offers a proven way to get more traffic to your roofing website in just a few weeks. It involves a bit of work, but if you select the right search terms the results will pay off big time.

Get a Free Internet Marketing Strategy Session

If you would like me and the team to review your roofing website and develop a ranking strategy for you get in touch with us today. You can follow the strategy for yourself for free, or you can sign up for one of our packages and have us do it for you. We can work together to get your internet marketing right, go ahead and get in touch now, we can triple your sales in a few weeks too.