Frequently Asked Questions on Roofer SEO

These questions will solve anything you might need to know about
What is website analysis?

We will run your website through SEO tools to discover current search phrases (keywords) and any technical issues your website might have that are going to hinder rankings in any way. For a more in-depth answer to this question take a look at our roofer SEO strategy on our homepage.

What are target search phrases?

A search phrase is also known as a keyword, this is the words that people type into the search engines to discover content. Some keywords have higher monthly search volumes than others.

What is Competitor Analysis?

Competitor analysis is to look into the top ranking sites for the selected target keywords. The process involves logging their backlinks and taking a look at their social media marketing strategy. The second step is to manually go through the content and establish how it can be matched and then beaten.

What is on-page optimization?

On-Page optimization involves working through the website pages and placing keywords into the Meta Data, Headings, Body Content, and URLs. This should always be an on-going process as the rankings change.

What is content development?

We will add new content to your website, the content is developed around a set of keywords to ensure it will rank in the search engine results pages for them. We will also develop existing content, this involves adding words to ensure keyword density is perfect for a top ranking.

What are backlinks?

A backlink is a link from another website to yours, these are incredibly powerful in ranking websites. The text that is used in the hyperlink is known as the anchor text and helps the search spiders understand what a page is about.

What is social promotion?

Promotion across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube help get your brand exposed and is also useful to earn backlinks and higher rankings.

What is an SEO dashboard?

We set up an SEO dashboard for you, this is a ticket style system. The work we do on a daily basis is logged and time and date stamped. You can log into the SEO dashboard at any time, you can see ranking changes and also talk to us on there at any time in the day.

What payments do you accept?

We accept PayPal and any card payments through our secure online payment processor by Stripe. The payments are one-off, these are not subscription payments that you will have to cancel. You pay once, for the next month we send you an invoice through PayPal or Stripe, if you want to continue with us simply pay. We are results orientated, if we do not get results then you do not pay again, so we always make sure we get quick gains for our clients.