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The success of your business comes down to choosing a good roofing SEO company with a proven track record. In this day and age a lot of websites are popping up offering expert SEO services that are far from it. Search engine optimisation takes a lot of time and effort, results can be fast if you choose the right team.

So how do you know you are choosing a good roofer SEO agency to handle your roofing business online?

Well, it all comes down to proving what you can do. A great roofing SEO company will always be able to show you examples of their ranking results. Below we have listed genuine results from different clients of ours from all across the world. These clients work in some very competitive areas, we have got them top placements on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for many high search volume keywords. Take a look for yourself:

Popple Roofing

These guys have been working in their community for over 15 years, they have great reviews yet were behind online in an SEO sense. Popple Roofing is run in Texas and offers a very personable service.

They came to us about 2 years ago now looking for help with their website. They had clients come and go from word of mouth but were struggling to get anything from their website on a regular basis. They already had good foundations, they just needed that final push to get them where they needed to be. gave them daily reports, which you will get too through the SEO dashboard we give to all our clients. You can track your progress and know we are working for you every day. Since coming onboard, Popple Roofing has gone to another level, having to take on more staff to handle the extra workload. We did not get them page 1 placements, we got them top placements across the board for all keywords.

Jim Weymouth Roofers

The Jim Weymouth Roofers are located in Chicago and are family-owned. This is an old roofing company passed down from one generation to the next, they relied on bringing in new clients from newspaper advertising and word of mouth. As the internet became more popular they took a knock on workload and decided to contact us to help them do something about it.

Before they hired they had worked with other roofing SEO agencies, they were not happy with the results, that's an understatement. We took over and completely overhauled their website, selected some very good keywords, and got them quick ranking results and traffic very early in the process. The site is now top of the local 3 pack and is ranked number 1 for many keywords. They see an amazing return on investment and are dominating the roofing market in their local area.

Yorkie Roofing Services

These roofing services were set up in Yorkshire, hence the name. The idea was to establish an affordable roofing service right across that area. The problem was that they picked out too much area scope and were not getting any clients in this wide area. They came to us for help and we got them where they needed to be.

We split up their website into sections with different pages targeting different areas of Yorkshire. The rankings started to show and our special promotion strategies started to go up day by day, which the client could track on the SEO dashboard. After just 6 months the website went from nothing to over 20,000 visitors per month, the roofing company is massive, and it is all down to work that we have done for them online.

The Google rankings now bring in free traffic to the website day after day, they receive a very high return on their investment. We have delivered their dream, we made it happen and will do the same for you too.

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